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There is plenty of room in the gender gap in tech to make a difference. After all it's called a gap for a reason. It's because of this, I organise Girl Code meetups and try to raise more awareness for the gender gap in code: meetups for coders and everyone interested in code (yes everyone, men are welcome too).

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When you attend the meetups you agree we, photographers of Girl Code and the host company, can take pictures of you and these pictures may be shared on all Girl Code's and the organizer's websites and social media channels publicly. Also when I showcase Girl Code at other events or in the media I can choose to publish such a picture.

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SAVE THE DATE - The World of Java - Girl Code @ Capgemini

Heeft een locatie nodig

For the second meetup in 2022 we've been invited to Capgemini in Utrecht. The list will open a few weeks before the date, so for now:
- save the date, block your calendar
- keep an eye on this page when to sign up
- if you're interested to do a talk at this event: send your proposal to do a talk about Java (more info below)

"Everyone is different, thankfully! We believe that those things that set us apart from one another, are a source of innovation and creativity.
Our mission is to inspire both female and male colleagues to be themselves and embrace gender diversity as the strength that it is and therefore we look forward to this collab with Girl Code! "
- Kim van Leeuwen

/// The World of Java ///
"Not to be confused with JavaScript."
- WikiPedia

At this meetup we'll dive into the World of Java. Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language used in the backend of software applications. Tonight we'll get a little insight in why our speakers chose to learn Java, what the best practices are when using Java and through a demo we'll see a few amazing things it can do.

This evening will be interesting for.. well everybody! For people who don't program yet, but are wondering if Java is the choice to choose. But also for Java Juniors to Seniors as it will refresh you on some basic best principles and you get to see an awesome demo of a project in your fave programming language. Oh, and also Girl Code is always the best place to meet other likeminded developers.

/// Program ///
17.45 walk in / dinner
18.30 Intro Girl Code by Ineke Scheffers
18.35 Intro Capgemini
18.40 /// Talk by Capgemini developer ///
19.00 /// Call for Speaker ///
19.20 /// Call for Speaker ///
19.40 Q&A with all speakers back on stage
20.00 - 21.00 drinks, snacks, mingle

/// Call for Speakers ///
If you can do a talk about Best Practices for coding in Java or have an awesome project in Java to demo hit me up with a title of your proposed talk and an abstract of about 2-5 sentences what it will be about. And who knows one of the 10-15 minute spots is yours! Please email me your proposals at [masked] or through a direct meetup message on here.

PS Everybody can be a Girl Coder, join this group, support the cause and come to our events. Please do! But, as the gendergap is still a real thing at developer events, the stage is reserved for (identifying as) women speakers.

/// Team ///
Ineke Scheffers - organizer and founder Girl Code
Kim van Leeuwen - host Capgemini
Nazanin Saidlou - host Capgemini
Maaike Helsdingen - host Capgemini

/// Accessibility ///
The venue is wheelchair accessible.

/// Please note ///
We'll be taking attendance. If you RSVP'd but didn't show up, it will have consequences. Also be sure to cancel on time, 'cause cancelling 1 day before will be too late and count as a no-show. (Covid is of course an exception to this rule).

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Heeft een locatie nodig

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