BiHack 19: Bi activism hackathon: Meet to Make (The Hack)

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Maker's Academy

50-52 Commercial St · Londen

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Postcode: E1 6LT.

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Wat we doen

BiHack is here! Get together with other digitally creative people and do something to support our bi communities, via software or art/graphics/design, or writing, or a combination of (or just come with ideas)!

BiHack 19 is a creative evening "hackathon"[1] coinciding around 2019's Bi Visibility Day, in a "maker" space in London and online (if you can't make it to the venue; though face-to-face talk makes it much easier and online video is not guaranteed to be ideal).

It's scope is not limited to software! Graphical artists, designers, content authors, SEO specialists, planners, ideas people, bloggers/vloggers/podcasters - your time is also valued here!

The earlier online-only events should have whittled down ideas into achievable and well-defined goals and maybe even started forming teams around one or two. This is where we do it, hopefully having had time to think about them a bit and maybe even prepare to work on them (but not expecting that).

So, join us at Makers Academy on the day after Bi Visibility Day (Tuesday) to produce something wonderful (or things) to help the lovely community of bi groups, and bisexuals in general.

Alternatively, join in online using our platforms and video conferencing. Latest plan (change from earlier thoughts) is to use Jitsi, apps exist:
* Google Play (Android phones):
* Apple:
(or see with further info and those same links).

Later updates via facebook event:

See the comments for the livestream - and the facebook event (not using facebook live!).
and also, MAYBE:
* YouTube livestream (details TBC).
* Younow:
* Not Facebook Live (privacy/Ts&Cs mutually excluding)

Get Involved!
Check out planning notes via:
(you can add, suggest, make notes here too - please be responsible; anyone can edit pretty anonymously, though changes are stored - optionally set your name via the right hand side panel buttons).

There is also a public Trello board to plan the real world event - venue and logistics etc; if you like planning this sort of thing do check it over and let me know if anything is missing/if you can help:
(can send invite to join it, comment/message me if needed):

Please bring snacks to share? Can also give you a few minutes to talk if you'd sponsor proper food!

Makers Academy kindly donated the venue space in exchange for some time to talk to us about what they do. Support miscellaneous event costs via our ko-fi:
Or donate by cash/card on the day.
I will bring a bi/trans umbrella or two and small selection of pride flags in case anyone has been wanting to obtain those.

Note: hackathons aren't usually for building long-lasting permanent well-designed solutions; they're built in a rush, with rough edges, sometimes with bodges, but prove a concept or fix a small problem well (if there's enough domain knowledge in the team to pick it up in almost no time). The team usually disbands immediately afterwards, as its made up of disparate individuals (the more diverse the better) who came together only for the hackathon, so long term maintenance is usually non-existant; hence more useful for very well-defined and limited use-cases. Documentation for the solution is likely to be sparse unless given a specific focus.

Optional ticket fees will help fund any real-world venue costs and any online accounts required. If you/your company would like to sponsor us, or some food/snacks, please get in touch!

NOTE: Bi Visibility Day is 23 September, its 20th anniversary this year! The Bi Flag is also 21 years old in 2019 (see our early December event to celebrate that).

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