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Opening Doors London Bi The Way Group (50+ yrs) [other group]
The Opening Doors London Bi The Way Group (a separate group) meets on the fourth Monday of each month (except Bank Holidays), between 6 and 8 pm at Tavis House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA. It's looked after by Louise C with Arley G. This month we are joined by bisexual researcher Martha Robinson Rhodes, a first-year PhD researcher in History at the University of Birmingham, who is working on an oral history of bisexuality and attraction to multiple genders in 1970s and 1980s Britain. She has previously researched bisexuality and multiple-gender-attraction in the 1970s gay liberation movement, and presentations of bisexuality in Gay News magazine. In this short talk she will discuss the history of bisexuality in general, as well as the nature of her research, the importance of oral histories of sexuality, and what she hopes to find out. She is also seeking more people willing to be interviewed, so if you are interested in taking part she will explain a bit about what that would involve and answer any questions you might have. This group is open to all bisexuals over 50 and allies of any age or orientation. Snacks and drinks available or bring and share.

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We are a safe and friendly social environment for those who identify as bisexual (or pansexual or other similar), who are partners with someone who does, or who are just plain curious or supportive, to meet, hang out, chat, enjoy company, and feel part of a community. People of all abilities, religions, sexualities, ethnicities and genders welcome as long as you respect other members and their identities; though some regular events will require ability to use stairs. Please keep your main profile picture for this group family-friendly or you will be removed or (for repeated/unfixed offences) banned; we are not a swingers or nudists group. Although we have occasionally had outings to 'alternative' events (a couple of fetish club visits, transgender club nights, even pancake restaurants - shock!).

Meetup turnout is strong (reliably >30 for the monthly bar socials, recently 40 or more, usually 10-30ish for most other official meets). ALWAYS many new faces at every meet alongside the regulars. We also post regular community events run by other London bi groups (events titled with "[other group]") to publicise them, or for relevant external events (BiCon, Pride etc.), and as a member you can suggest your own event ideas for us or tell us of relevant events we should check out (but don't spam us/promote commercial media events without checking with organisers first).

Remember - 80% of getting anything out of being a member is about showing up and taking part, so turn up to a few events (or create an event if you want more variety - anything social, others/the organiser may help plan/run it). You're sure to have fun! No need to be nervous, its a regular social group. If you have a commercial event to advertise - talk to me first (organiser John), spam will not be tolerated - we'll block & remove everything asap. If you're a show/study researcher wanting people, reply to the message board thread ( for that (keep it on that thread, anything else discuss with the organiser) / post to our FB page ( / ask.

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Some members have a star '★' or black mark '∎' under their name (in their title), this is to celebrate our best contributing members (the "stars", non-organiser members who've run great events/been a long-term reliable and frequent attendee!); or to hint (with a black (square) mark) that someone failed to respect the group enough - usually by not turning up for a pre-booked/ticketed event without letting us know or apologies, and shouldn't be relied on too much. Black marked members will not have guaranteed space at any booked event until they redeem themselves (getting the mark removed) by showing up enough, and might not be trusted to run events. Starred members are just awesome, cool and generally reliable people and committed to the group! Go along to their events/say hi!

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