What we're about

We are a safe and friendly social environment for bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, queer, fluid or similarly non-monosexual people (aka. m-spec, bi+). Partners, allies, and supportive curious people also welcome - don't direct biphobia at us. Come make bi+ friends, hang out, chat, and feel part of a community in a free-to-attend, casual informal environment.

What do we do? We've always had our monthly pub drinks evening in Soho on the same fourth Thursday, which are pretty balanced for gender/ethnicity. During quarantine these run online (via Zoom), link in the event description and as the event location. We also now have a Discord server under the group's name.

Sometimes we've run clubbing nights, but you'll also see regular culture events (usually run by others but listed here also for us to go to as a group) - eg. cabaret/comedy/plays, in summer we do picnics and walks too, and of course the big yearly/national events like Bicon and local Pride festivals and parades (6 in 2019 including London, Croydon, Black Pride and Trans Pride). You'll see events from other bi community groups with regular meetings too, that otherwise people might not discover - eg. the Bi Underground, Bi Coffee, and Opening Doors' Bi the Way meets, or the Bi Pandas activism-focussed events.

In 2019 we were the largest bi group in London's Pride (had capacity to be one of the top-10 sized groups in the whole parade), and crowdfunded to make huge (5 metre) bi and pansexual pride flags. The organiser John is also the source of the well-loved bi, and now also trans, pride umbrellas (https://londonbisexualsmeetup.sumup.link/product/5424dd1c-d98c-4fca-a745-4f1674d2fcb9) (limited stock) - also on ebay (http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=302887336539&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111).

To support us, come to meets, and follow and engage with our social medias to find out what else is happening in the community/news (if you partake)! Optionally bi your pride merch. from us, or donate (https://londonbisexualsmeetup.sumup.link/) (or at an event via card/cash, or donate via ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/londonbimeetup), or even PayPal directly, by request).

Elsewhere online

Also find us on Twitter (@londonbi), Instagram (@londonbisexualsmeetup), Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/London-Bisexuals-Meetup-Group/148365155200607 ), and chat on our Discord ( https://discordapp.com/channels/691054221591707689/691056345297846293 ). Discord made a YouTube intro video to learn it: https://youtu.be/TJ13BA3-NR4

Diversity and Inclusion

People of all abilities, religions, sexualities, ethnicities and genders welcome as long as you respect other members and their identities. Some regular events require ability to use stairs and will have background music/noise.


• Keep your main profile picture for this group 'family-friendly' or you will be removed or (for repeated/unfixed offences) banned; we are not a swingers or nudists group. You get one warning ever.

• Don't be a dick! ie. Respect others, and especially their privacy, at all times. eg. get permission for photos, and what you'll do with them; don't "out" anyone without permission; try to assume good intent, and you don't know what (else) is going on in people's lives. Disabilities are not always visible/obvious.

• Abuse at events or via Meetup messages/actions will not be tolerated (organisers may need to be notified, they cannot see your private messages). Infractions will lead to the perpetrator's removal from the event+group, possibly a ban; reports presumed honest. Trivial first instances (level decided by target of abuse or representative if available) may be warned instead. Meetup also has ways to report users in messages or via profiles.


The vast majority of our events are social informal chat evenings, the main one with an 18+ age limit in a bar (during lockdown online instead, without age limit). Several others are regular events from us or shared here from other London bi community groups, or one-offs by other activists and venues (occasionally commercial). As a member you're welcome to suggest social events too (but don't spam commercial events to us especially if only partly relevant, or we'll ban you and your post won't survive long). If so, either you can run them or an organiser may help (if they have the time/motivation); best if you have previously attended other (of our own) events, so you can gauge the atmosphere and expectations.

We also publicise, attend, and even work on, the largest local/national bi events and prides like Bicon, Pride in London's yearly parade, London BiFest, Croydon and other local Prides.

There have occasionally been outings to 'alternative'/sex-positive events - eg. a couple of fetish club visits, transgender club nights, even pancake restaurants - shock! These are rare though; if they're not your thing, ignore them.

Turnout is strong (reliably 40 or more for the in-person monthly bar socials, usually 10-30ish for most other official meets).

ALWAYS many new faces at every meet alongside the regulars. We also post regular community events run by other London bi groups (we usually add "[other group]" to the title) to publicise them, or for relevant external events (BiCon, Pride etc.), and as a member you can suggest your own event ideas for us or tell us of relevant events we should check out (but don't spam us/promote commercial media events without checking with organisers first).

Remember - 80% of getting anything out of being a member is about showing up and taking part, so turn up to a few events (or create an event if you want more variety - anything social, others/the organiser may help plan/run it). You're sure to have fun! No need to be nervous, its a regular social group. If you have a commercial event to advertise - talk to me first (organiser John). Spam not tolerated - we'll block & remove everything asap. If you're a show/study researcher wanting people, reply to the message board thread (https://www.meetup.com/london-bisexuals/messages/boards/view/addpost?forum=678207&parent=130534917) for that (keep it on that thread, anything else discuss with the organiser) / post to our FB page (https://www.facebook.com/londonbimeetup) / ask.

If you love us and stay - we're free (I pay the meetup fees out of my own pocket), but happy to accept donations to cover meetup costs at our ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/londonbimeetup) page.

Get a star! Some members have star(s) '★' or black mark '∎' under their name (in their title), this is to celebrate our best contributing members (stars for members who've run great events/already an activist/been a long-term reliable and frequent attendee, 2 for organisers past/present); or to hint (with a black (square) mark) that a failure to respect the group - eg. not turning up for a ticketed event without letting us know or apologies, and shouldn't be relied on as much. Black marked members will not have guaranteed space at any ticketed event until they redeem themselves (getting the mark removed) by showing up enough, and might not be trusted to run events. Starred members are awesome, generally reliable people and have helped us all lots (even if from outside the group)! Support/attend their events and work, say hi!

Upcoming events (5)

Smut Slam London (open-mic sexy stories) [other group]

Online event

Smut Slam is a fortnightly community dirty-storytelling open mic evening that will knock your socks up to your armpits, created by Carmyn Moore and continuing to run online for now (til they can be back in venues; it used to be a regular in Brixton). They also run European versions every other week.

John (your organiser) has been when it was in a real venue and it was lots of fun, in an accepting atmosphere; treat everyone with respect and follow the rules about no hate/mentioning abuse or violence (and whatever the rest of the rules are) and its a great evening.

There are sweet prizes (including from Other Nature, alternativer, Sexladen, and Beducated — adult sex toys and other things), great guest judges, and a fab little door prize that the best stories/entries could get their hands on (voted on by guest judges).

The pre-show shenanigans are also allegedly entertaining; "doors" (the video-call) opens at 7pm UK time for the 7.30 event start!

Book at Eventbrite (via the Facebook event or direct link below). With a pay-what-you-can scheme (used to be £10 in venues, suggested 8-15 euros or equivalent if you can).

Facebook for further details of prizes, with links to the companies/tickets, how the event runs, and the "fuckbucket" quick-fire questions (submit for that before the event):
(that was the event link for 16 June).

A few highlights from those details (more on the FB page and Eventbrite):
*** submit your fuckbucket ahead of time (limit one per viewer) via an anonymous Google form https://tinyurl.com/FuckbucketForm
*** To TELL A STORY (can be audio only), click here: https://tinyurl.com/smut-slam
*** Watch to the end and be entered to win a month's membership from Beducated (online sex-ed videos for grownups)!

The Facebook page for the regular event info:

Bi Pride UK's Bi-Fi Festival (online)

Online event

Bi Pride UK are running another Bi-Fi Festival! Last year's June event replaced their Bi Pride that would have happened in September, and they're running it again this year (as well as Bi Pride, still in September).

This event will be accessible for deaf people too (as usual) with BSL interpretation or similar.

Highlights from the details:
* Panels (hosted by Marcus of Bisexual Index): BAME empowerment, mental health, and representation in art/culture.
* Cabaret (hosted by Scaredy Kat & Pussy Kat): drag, performance, music.
* After Party from 8.05pm with DJ Miller Black, and Hot Mess Disco.

Full event details on their website: https://biprideuk.org/bifi-festival/

Their streaming platform links (unknown if will be used for this but support them there anyway!):
* Twitch: https://twitch.tv/biprideuk
* FB Live via: https://facebook.com/BiPrideUK/
* YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkg8WCiGjRpuOVMqRjgW9ew

They'll also likely be accepting funds and supporting other organisations like Bis of Colour (Jacq's group), T&Coffee (trans support in Croydon), and Bi Survivors Network (bi mental health support chat created and run by Lo Shearing). Use these hashtags on social media: #BiFiFestival #PrideEvents #BiPrideUK

London Bisexuals Monthly Social (maybe online)

Location visible to members

Our regular social on the fourth Thursday every month. Unsure if it will be in a venue or online yet; am following rules and researching venue options. Look out for more outdoor events in July, either way.

Great for new members; very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, definitely social, fun, and happy; not meat-market, just informal chat and optional bring-your-own-drinks. Come say hi and hang out!

This is our main regular event, (maybe) relocated from pub to video-chat.
All bi+ people welcome (so including pansexual, queer etc.), plus supportive partners, anyone bi-curious/questioning, and practicing allies - no biphobia, racism, transphobia or other bigotry allowed! If you have extra needs or questions, please get in touch via Meetup messaging/social media.

Who/what to expect...

Expect at least 10 of you (pub meets were 30-40), with a good mix of regulars and first-timers (roughly half and half - always a lot of new faces every time), genders (not too far from an even split of men/women, a few of whom might be trans, & non-binary people welcome too), a mix of ethnicities similar to or more diverse than the London population (aka. BAME/POC), and sometimes a neurodiverse person/people. The odd couple/+1 too.

This keeps it fresh and friendly to all - regulars chat to new folk. New members won't be the only new person (by a long way) so you shouldn't feel left out. If you turn up after the start and it looks like everyone already knows everyone - it only seems like that; its just how friendly we are. We finish late so we're used to people coming and going through the evening.

Most people arrive within the first hour, it's busiest at[masked]pm but a crowd is around til at least 10pm, often later (sometimes even a handful til midnight). When you first connect you'll be in a waiting room, we will let you in after a few seconds (if it takes longer we might be busy, please be patient). Find us at: https://zoom.londonbi.org (will redirect to the zoom meet, or click the event location link). Audio-only phone dial-in available too (UK:[masked], or web search for zoom international/other UK ones, then use the meeting ID from the online event link above/to the right).

Social Media:

We also use Twitter/a little Instagram and a Facebook Page for news, issues, updates and activism from the community in London and further afield. The group accounts are happy to be tagged for bi content but respect individuals' privacy (eg. avoid identifying anyone without consent).
Official events always on Meetup, but links often shared on social media and LinkedIn/our Discord chat server.

Twitter @londonbi / Instagram @londonbisexualsmeetup / Facebook Page and LinkedIn: London Bisexuals Meetup Group (all use our logo).
Links via our campsite bio (bottom of list): https://campsite.bio/londonbi

After the meet finishes (between events), continue the chat and keep up with planning/other news via our Discord server (needs a separate account): https://discord.gg/PvZBDVu

Join London Trans Pride

Wellington Arch

London Trans Pride focuses on creating a space for the London trans, non-binary, intersex and gender nonconforming community to come together to celebrate their identities and connect with each other.

The day will probably feature talks, discussions and performances. These would be by and for trans and intersex people.

This is their third year fighting for the rights of trans people. It will always be a protest, never sponsored. It may be a sober event like last year, open to people of all ages.

Pride Facebook event:

For more updates and detailed information, check the website or if no changes yet, here's 2019's Trans & Intersex Pride details to give you an idea (Google drive link):


If you'd like to get involved or have any questions please email to [masked] (this is 2020 event's email, hope still in use).

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UK Black Pride Talk: Confronting My Imposter

Online event

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