What we're about

We are a safe, friendly, social environment for bisexual, biromantic, pansexual/romantic, polysexual, queer, fluid or other non-monosexual people (aka. m-spec, bi+). Bi-curious / questioning people and supportive partners, friends, allies also welcome: but please learn & understand (at least) the basics - don't ask the same biphobic questions we get outside this safer space or make equivalent assumptions of anyone here.

Come make bi+ friends, hang out, chat, have fun; see, learn and take part in some bi / LGBT+ culture, history, and activism; and feel part of a community in a (usually) free-to-attend, casual informal environment.

🟣 What do we do?

* Events

Most are social informal chatty hangouts on weekday evenings. We've always had monthly pub drinks evening in Soho on the same fourth Thursday (18+ age limit). Online events replace in-person when necessary (via Zoom/our Discord) without the age limit; the link is set as the location (sometimes in the event description).

Turnout is strong - reliably 40 or more for the in-person monthly bar socials pre-pandemic, usually 10-30ish for most other official meets, online socials tend to be smaller.

Others include clubbing nights, or regular cultural events (usually run by others but listed here for us to go to as a group) - e.g. cabaret/comedy/plays. In summer, picnics and walks, and we want to get back to the occasional dinner out too.

Several regular events are shared here from other London bi groups/organisers, e.g. Bi Underground, Bi Coffee, Opening Doors' Bi the Way meets, and (less-regular) the BiCHE dance club night & CaBiRet.

Members can suggest events too (but we'll remove+ban spammers of irrelevant commercial events; ask first) - either you can run them or an organiser may help if they have time/motivation. We prefer you've previously attended our own events, so we both know what to expect.

We also publicise, attend, and run groups / sessions at the largest local/national bi events and Prides like BiCon, Pride in London, London BiFest, Croydon and other local Prides (10 of them in 2019 including London, Croydon, Para Pride, Black Pride and Trans Pride).

We now have a Discord server under the group's name for text chat/updates between events (the Discord invite link is in your introduction email when you join, sometimes in event descriptions, or ask the organisers).

* Merch!
We support bi creators through our/their merch in our online shop.

🟣 Join in / Support Us!

Join and RSVP to try us out!
Besides our meetups, we invite you to follow and engage with our social network accounts for other discussions and what the organiser gets up to outside the group, plus wider community things (if you partake)!
See links page (bottom of): https://campsite.bio/londonbi

* Shop
Consider buying bi+/trans/pride/intersecting-identity supporting products (merch) or donating at our shop: https://londonbisexualsmeetup.sumup.link/

Organiser John produces the high quality, well-loved bi & trans pride full-size umbrellas ☂ (limited stock, no bi ones for now); via shop (above).

* Donations
Organiser John covers Meetup/other service fees out-of-pocket (can afford to); but appreciates help for extra costs (e.g. pride stalls often need insurance, travel/material/equipment/volunteer costs) – donate via cash/card at our pub socials/some other events, via ko-fi online; or even PayPal directly, by request.

🟣 Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility

People of all abilities, religions, sexualities, ethnicities and genders welcome as long as you respect other members, their identities, and appearance. Some regular events require ability to use stairs and will have background music/noise.

🟣 Rules

Keep your main profile picture for this group 'family-friendly' or you will be removed or (for repeated/unfixed offences) banned; we are not a swingers or nudists group. You get one warning ever (by private message), ~ 1 week to fix it (and offers of help if needed).
Don't be a dick! ie. Respect others, especially their privacy, at all times. e.g. get permission for photos, & what you'll do with them; don't "out" anyone without permission; try to assume good intent – you don't know what (else) is going on in people's lives. Disabilities & mental health struggles are not always visible/obvious.
Abuse at events or via Meetup messages/actions will not be tolerated (organisers may need to be notified, they cannot see your private messages). Infractions will lead to the perpetrator's removal from the event+group, possibly a ban; reports presumed honest until evidence otherwise. Trivial first instances (level decided by target of abuse or representative if available) may be warned instead. Meetup also has ways to block/report users in messages or via profiles.

🟣 Final Notes & Conventions

80% of getting anything out of being a member is about showing up and taking part, so turn up to a few events (or offer to run one - anything social, the main organiser John/others may offer help). You're sure to have fun! No need to be nervous about anything sexual, as its a regular social group; report and block anyone who is behaving inappropriately.

* Commercial event to advertise? - talk to the organiser first. Spam not tolerated - we block & remove it a.s.a.p.

* Show/researcher/casting agent wanting people? We have a Discord channel for that, or discuss with the organiser / post to our FB page.

* Member stars! Some members have 1-2 star(s) '★' under their name (in their title), they celebrate our best contributing and reliable members (who've run great events/are an activist here or externally); or a black mark '∎' hints of a failure to respect the group - e.g. not turning up for a limited-space ticketed event without letting us know or apologies, and shouldn't be relied on as much. Black marked members will not have guaranteed space at any limited-ticket event until they redeem themselves (getting the mark removed) by showing up enough, and would not be trusted to run events.

Upcoming events (4+)

Bi Underground Monthly Pub Social [other group]

Needs a location

This event, the London Bisexual Underground group meet (a separate group), is a regular monthly event on the 2nd Tuesday. Its a monthly social in a relaxed and quieter pub than our group's usual bar socials, but not far away from us, the other side of Oxford Street. Once at the pub, head upstairs, the group has Bi flyers & copies of BCN (Bi Community News magazine) on their tables.

You'll find it quieter than our event and more like a traditional pub. There are a lot of long-term regulars and people more active in the rest of the community, but its still very open to new people.

Its run by Vicki (also a member of our group if you wish to write to her and on facebook/twitter too).

**Earlier Time** Saturday Drinks at The Apple Tree Popup

Needs a location

** NB Earlier time to accommodate Apple Tree event **
A low key, relaxed meetup at the Apple Tree popup in Islington on a Saturday afternoon – usually the third Saturday of the month. Always some regulars and new recruits.

Ambience: good tunes at a low volume, getting a bit louder later but not so that a laid back conversation can''t be had.

Accessibility: There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor of the pop up and there is a step to enter the building itself but there is a removable ramp, if required.

Little Bit Bi (online) [by others]

Link visible for attendees

Have you felt unsure about attending bi events because you're only “a little bit bi”? Maybe like you didn’t qualify as a “real” bi person?

If you're...
- not 100% straight
- not 100% gay
- not sure if you're "bi enough" to count as bi
- not settled on a label (or might not want one)

then this event is for you! A set of mini-talks by the following bi activists/organisers (sign up info below, RSVP here won't get you the details - as yet anyway):

  • Jennifer Moore (Nottingham Bi Women group; singer/songwriter, conductor, writer, technology geek)
  • Maz Hedgehog (writer, performer, author, theatre associate)
  • Vaneet Mehta (writer, author, #BisexualMenExist creator)

⚫ Tickets:
There's space for 30 attendees. Request an invitation for the Zoom and optionally to keep up with future similar events or give feedback via this google form: https://forms.gle/W8v7MaaE7HJRy9K46

Even if the current access provisions will not be good enough for you, if you are interested in talks about this, and have the time, they would really appreciate knowing what else you would need to attend and be worthwhile and there is space on the form to specify your needs; future repeats or variations on the event plan are also hoped for.

⚫ Accessibility:
The first of these talks cannot yet fund BSL interpretation but auto-subtitling is expected to be available. The sign-up form allows you to request further access needs for future events, when a budget might be available.

⚫ More Info:
Came out of thoughts inspiring Jennifer's blog post (this link is the same as the unclickable link on the google 'ticket' form).

support them by ordering our cool stuff (each link is separate) or supporting Bisexual Index or Biscuit.

Social Media for this event's organisers and speakers:
Vaneet - @nintendomad888 (Twitter/Instagram)
Maz - @MazHedgehog (Twitter/Instagram)
Jennifer - @UnchartedWorlds (Twitter)

Incite! Poetry (online) - open mic [other group]

Link visible for attendees

Incite! has been a popular queer poetry evening running since September 2010. It's run by the Camden & Islington Forum+ charity and hosted by Hannah Chutzpah. Currently running online, usually on the third Wednesday monthly via Zoom (with occasional in-person events throughout the year; but please check Facebook/message them for latest updates). August 2022 is online via Zoom.

Performance poet Hannah Chutzpah (TBC) will host an evening of poetry and spoken word performances via Zoom with a stellar open mic line up and a headline set from a special guest (TBD).

Incite! is London’s longest running LGBTQ+ poetry event and open mic slots are available by reservation (5 minutes max) to share your own poetry, music, stand up, or whatever else moves you - open mic slots are reserved for us queers. Read the FAQ below for how to get in on the open-mic spots. Incite is free to join and is for ages 18 and above.

Tickets via Eventbrite, see their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IncitePoetry for details or follow Forum+ on Eventbrite to keep up with all their events.

⚫ Online Events:
To enter the Zoom: they use a Zoom waiting room. They'll admit people who have emailed them for a link, to avoid "zoom-bombing"/other abuse. If you haven't applied for the Zoom link by email/Facebook Messenger (see further info below).

For online events, email them at [masked] to ask for the Zoom link.

Every month features a headline poet. Details are on the facebook event details nearer the event, or by emailing to ask.

⚫ More Info:
Facebook events (for latest updates): https://www.facebook.com/IncitePoetry/events/

For more information (or apply for open-mic slot), please email [masked]

⚫ Incite! FAQs:

Q: I've got the Zoom link - can I share it with my friend?
A: Feel free to share it with trusted friends & invite them along, but please don't put the link in public spaces because trolls are a thing and we'd rather they stayed under bridges.

Q: I'm not LGBT+ but I'd like to attend & hear this great poetry. Is that allowed?
A: Yes! Absolutely. Respectful allies are extremely welcome in the audience.

Q: Can I do the open mic? How does that work?
A: We have about 8 open mic slots, 5 mins max each, which people request ahead of time. If more people sign up we can keep one or two in reserve in case someone can't make it at the last minute, etc. Open mic slots are reserved for people who are some part of the LGBTQ+ community. Email/message them directly to request a slot (John/this meetup group cannot help with that).

Q: I'm from a minority group but not LGBTQIA+ - does that count? Can I do the open mic?
A: No. Sorry. You're still very welcome in the audience, but the open mic slots in this event are reserved for queers because this is a queer space. There are plenty of other poetry nights we can recommend that aren't specifically for LGBTQ+ people.

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Bi Coffee [other group]

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