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MakeHealth: Prototyping II
The second series of MakeHealth: Prototyping starts 22 September 2018 at Makerspace Contact. Do you have an idea for a care solution that makes everyday life easier? Or have an aid of which you think it could be designed better? Are you a designer, an experiential expert, a healthcare professional, or an informal carer with a great idea for a healthcare solution? At MakeHealth: Prototyping you'll be working in a team on a concrete question once per week over an seven-week period. This question could be about developing a new solution to a problem or improving an existing tool. With MakeHealth we want to develop new, open design applications and publish these online. Your solution, including all the design files and instructions will become available on the international platform Careables. That means anyone can reproduce or adapt your solution. So you not only helping your team, but society as a whole will benefit! Practical information All meetings of MakeHealth: Prototyping II will take place on Saturday from 10:00 - 14:00 hrs. The next series starts on 22 September. The last meeting will be on 10 November. Participation is free. The prime language will be Dutch, but don't worry, we can easily switch to English when necessary. We have already started with a group of close to 40 people. They have been divided into subgroups focussing on specific health challenges. If you have a technical background of tech skills and if you are familiar with digital fabrication of coding, then we still have some spots available in teams that you could join. Location All meetings take place at Makerspace Contact; a location that is fully accessible by wheelchair users. The address is: Contactweg 47, 1014 AN Amsterdam. The location can easily be reached by metro near station Amsterdam Sloterdijk and has parking facilities nearby. Programme Meeting 1 - 22 September (THIS MEETING ALREADY TOOK PLACE) Introduction to the theme, possible topics, and formation of teams. Each team begins brainstorming ideas about possible solutions. Joint decision on team's direction going forward. Meeting 2 - 29 September (THIS MEETING ALREADY TOOK PLACE) Research on possible applications, materials, and techniques. Start first designs.Meeting 3 - 6 October Developing designs: create drawings or models, choose material and plan for production. Start prototyping. Meeting 3 - 6 oktober Creating the concept to solve the problem and choosing material. If any time is left, there is room for initial prototyping. Meeting 4 - 20 October Creating prototype. Experiment with materials and manufacturing techniques. Meeting 5 - 3 November Finish prototype and documentation. Exposition - 10 November Presentation of final prototypes. Looking back on learning moments and tips.


Contactweg 47 1014AN · Amsterdam

Wat we doen

Due to the rise of digital fabrication and the unlimited acces to knowledge that the internet provides us, everyone is able to make “almost anything”. Big laboritories or industries are no longer a prerequisite in doing so. MakeHealth is a project in which we team up with users. Together we explore new possibilities of becoming makers of innovative healthcare solutions whilst the Dutch government (as many other governments) is retreating as a financing and providing party in healthcare.