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Join other makers at online live events to share knowledge, learn how to build apps and solutions, and discover new career opportunities. All skill levels are welcome, and we encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues to our growing community of makers. See you at our next meetup!

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Low-Code + SAP Integration Made Easy: Get Hands On and Win Sweet Swag

SAP is the world's best ERP system, Mendix is the world’s best low-code platform. Join this meetup and learn how combining these two platforms creates love from both the business and the IT department. What is a SAP transport? Why is the SAP gateway important, how to create a business partner? For the typical Mendix developer, integration with SAP can be daunting due to the size and complexity of SAP. In this maker meetup we will demystify and discuss some of the core concepts for integrating SAP with Mendix. We'll keep the slides to a minimum and focus on getting hands-on. We believe in learning by making! After the introduction you will be building your own Mendix application that is integrated with our SAP S/4HANA system. There will be a fancy prize for the maker who gets his/her sales order in our SAP system first. Please download Mendix Studio Pro[masked] beforehand. == Agenda📅 == 18:00 start 19:00 finish Setting the stage: SAP side by side extensions with Mendix 1. Introducing SAP & Mendix. 2. Typical use cases. 3. Core concepts (SAP APIs, SAP Gateway, SCP, OData, Model Generator). Go Make IT: Build your own Mendix / SAP integration 1. Download Mendix SAP Meetup app. 2. Run the app – Create a new business partner in our SAP System. 3. Build your own SAP interface to create a new Sales Order for the business partner created in step 2. Be the first maker to get your Sales Order in and win the prize!

Meetup WebFlight - Mendix Escape Room

Online evenement

**IMPORTANT UPDATE** Because we do not feel that it is responsible to invite everyone to our office yet, we have decided to invite you to our virtual office space! This year WebFlight will be hosting a special format of the Maker Meetup. Are you interested to learn more about WebFlight and Mendix? Join the Mendix Maker game night in our own virtual ESCAPE ROOM! After this crisis you will all be invited to our Office at the Fred Roeskestraat. Preliminary new date for the meetup will be after the summer holiday: 7th of October 2020 == Agenda 📅 == Webflight presents: Mendix Maker Meetup (Escape Room) Start: 18:30 Join us in our virtual lobby Expert session: 19:30 Offline: 20:00 More specific information will follow

Mendix Meetup

Online evenement

== Agenda📅 == 19:00 Presentations 👨‍🏫 1) Datamigrations in Mendix projects 2) TBA == General information == - this will be an online event ============== The Mendix Community Meetups are aimed at knowledge sharing, learning something new, and meeting other people in the community. Interested in presenting at a Mendix Maker Meetup? Contact [name of leader] for details at [leader email address].

Meetup TimeSeries

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= Agenda📅 == 18:00 Dinner🍕 19:00 Presentations 👨‍🏫 1) TBA 2) TBA 20:30 Drinks & networking🍺 == General information == - Please let us know if you will join us for dinner and if you have a special diet ==============

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Test Automation at NHG with Fitnesse-HSAC

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