Online Tuesday #91 "Chasing Talent"

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New season Online Tuesday @ De Rode Hoed Amsterdam, all talks will all be held in English!

Every director, hiring manager & team lead knows the struggle; the constant search for the best people, the purple squirrel looking unicorn, the TOP talent. And everyone faces challenges. Challenges from agency perspective, inhouse talent acquisition perspective & hiring manager perspective. How do these three stakeholders compete for the same price?

That’s the main question we will be trying to answer during our Online Tuesday #91 “Chasing Talent” event. Are you ready to find the perfect candidates? Join us on September 11th!

How to hunt them?
How to engage them?
How to keep them?

The program

Delano Brand - Team Lead International - Newpeople

The first lecturer of the evening will be Newpeople’s Delano Brand. From the perspective of a recruiter he knows the candidate market inside-out and challenges the struggle of finding the perfect candidate on a daily basis. Delano know both sides of the medaillon by working with both candidates as organisations and is therefore the perfect lecturer to start this evening with an introduction on “finding the right candidate in the current market”. There’s no doubt; Delano will help you in the search of the right combination of talent, experience and language skills within the digital domain.

Peter Hutta - Head of Growth - Ring

The second stakeholder climbing the stage will be the Head of Growth at Ring; Peter Hutta. Speaking from a hiring manager perspective he will be talking about creating the perfect team without a dedicated on-site form of internal recruitment. Based on his experience at Google, Uber and Amazon he will share his thoughts on a number of challenges in the search for the best people. Because which structures and interview processes will get you the best results? In what phase of transformation do you look for which people? And once found, how do you keep these amazing guys and girls?

Thomas Pleunis - Head of People - Creative Group

And last but not least Thomas Pleunis will share his experiences on the search for gold with all of you. Speaking from the perspective of the Head of People at Creative Group he is familiar with internal recruitment as well as external recruitment. You’d think this would be the key to success right? Well it’s more complicated than that. And Thomas will tell you all about it the challenge of quadrupling in size in under two years whilst remaining to have a high bar.

We have found our new location! As from October we will be hosting Online Tuesday at De Nieuwe Liefde again. However this September we will be taking the stage of ,the slightly bigger sister, De Rode Hoed. We hope to see you there!

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Online Tuesday is a monthly event about online marketing, organised by Marketingfacts, DQ&A, Newpeople and Punktlich, and sponsored by Affiliate Summit and EDM Digital Solutions.

Contact: Qanta Arif ([masked])