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React Live Coding: We will be running React live coding Meetups in Amsterdam. React It is incredibly powerful and easy to learn. It is one of the best libraries to build modern web applications. We will organise meetups, workshops and hopefully hackathons to share knowledge and experiences about React. 

Web development nowadays can’t be read without thinking about React. This framework which we started to love from 2015 and onward, is still picking up traction and even large corporates are switching to it. 

With all the new terminologies like Hooks / Render Props / HOC’s / Context it is hard to make sense of it all. 

Just a 'few' principles and tools to apply when building components with React. React hooks, Render Props, Higher Order Components (HOC’s), Context API, Webpack, SOLID, Styled Components. 

Can you see "the forest through the trees"? What to use where, how and why? 

Though React is easy to learn, its also easy to get lost in all of the principles behind it. This meetup is centered around how to develop React components and applications in real life.

Let’s get you started with React through a “type and learn“ session.

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