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Rotterdam is rich in veneus both big and smallmade to enjoy a variety of cultural entertainment. This group's aim is to explore what Rotterdam has to offer in regards to theater, music, dance and any other form of performing art.

Join this group if you like to discover new places and new artists and enjoy socially digesting the experience afterwards with interesting people. The focus will be on events that can be enjoyed by international audience. For events where Dutch language skills are necessary we wil make sure it's made clear

Secondary focus of this group is to build social bonds which is why the typ of events will focus on giving the opportunity to people to speak with on another and keep event size limited.

This group is also for you to advertise what you would like to visit so please don't feel shy to recommend an activity or host an event within this group.

Strict no show rules apply.

When applying to join please make sure that you have real picture of yourself and to answer the question with at least more than 1 word. This is to make sure that the group is not bloated with inactive members.

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