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Wat we doen

Sun, sea, wind on your face and salty taste on your lips...
Chasing the horizon while enjoying the freedom of gliding through the waves powered by the wind.
This is Sailing. It's not about overtaking others, it's about discovering your way of life, exploring the world, meeting people and making friends.
This is what we do. We are sailors, we travel to new and known places while enjoying a good company, pleasant conversations, beautiful nature and while learning new skills. Usually we organize multi-day trips with one or more sailing yachts. Mostly we are based in and around The Netherlands and we sail in Dutch waters or we organize trips to well-known sailing destinations.
Join us if you are a sailor too or if you just want to discover this amazing world of sea and wind and to become a member of our sailors tribe! You don't need to have sailing experience. The typical sailors who will find this group attractive are open for new experiences, want to meet new people, they respect different personalities and can stand some days with less comfort than at home. Are you one of them? Come aboard!