Do-It-Yourself Labs & AstroPlant kickoff

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Elke 1ste woensdag van de maand tot 1 oktober 2019

Amsterdam Public Library (OBA)

Oosterdokskade 143 1011 Amsterdam · Amsterdam

Hoe vind je ons

When you exit Amsterdam Central Station at the Centre-side, the OBA is a 5min walk to your left (direction Scheepvaartmuseum). The Makerspace is on level minus 1 (jeugd/youth)

Locatieafbeelding van evenementslocatie

Wat we doen

Every first Wednesday of the month we have a non-organized meetup were OBA sponsors us with their location. During this evening you can start learning to work with Arduino, Microbit or work on a prototype to 3Dprint etc.
Note that we don't provide a course, it is all about DIY, but you can also collaborate on mutual projects or find people to join your own projects!
This evening we will start our participation in the Astroplant project;

We start at 18:00 and end the evening around 21:00. There are 3Dprinters, lasercutters, tools and enough outlets available! So just bring your laptop & ideas and lets get going!

For people starting, it might take the first evening just to get an Arduino working, but then we have sets to work/learn on:
- Building your own solar powered WiFi Weather Station, use the 3D printer to make your own weatherhouse-design;-)
- Unode Lora Board so that you have access to The Things Network, a free open network and can build your (next) IoT application at low cost, featuring maximum security and ready to scale.

But you can also start your own, for ideas & materials you can also check:

There is a cafe on the split level on the ground floor and a restaurant on the 7th, but please note that food & drinks are not allowed in the makerspace.

If you want to sponsor us hardware, software and/or (cloud)services, please contact Ted or Manon.

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