IoT Sensemakers on Biochemical sensing & SensorThings

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Every 3th Wednesday of the month we have presentations about IoT-related subjects. Doors open at 18.30 for networking. Presentations usually start at 19h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question.

This evening we have:

- Just van den Broecke, Open Source Geospatial Architect who will talk about developing open sensor networks with lora-ttn and sensorthings-api

- Dr. Gennady Oshovsky, professor of applied sciences (lector) in the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. His research and educational activities are focused on the thee vital topics for Rotterdam: water, sustainability and safety. This is realized in two project lines: ‘sensors, detection systems and sensor arrays’ and ‘green, sustainable and circular chemistry’.
Their practice-oriented projects concentrate on the (bio)chemical sensor development and applications for water, air and above-water monitoring for environmental, sustainability, safety and police purposes. Since the selectivity and specificity of (bio)chemical sensors stays a challenge in the presence of many possible interferences, they develop sensors based on different detection principles for eventual simultaneous use to increase the reliability of the measurement results. Currently, they are focused on three types of sensors: electrochemical (especially e-nose), optical and colorimetric.
Sensors are advanced systems that require combination of different expertise on every step starting from (bio)chemical signaling event, to electronics, to communication, to data analysis, sensor maintenance and, finally, to diverse applications. We all need sensitive, selective, stable, reliable, robust and cheap sensors providing (bio)chemical information with high speed, precision and accuracy that, depending on the application area, should be able to work in the air, water and ground, as well as in biological and chemically corrosive medium. Their work towards this challenging but very desirable goal and our plans will be discussed in the presentation.egal activities where chemicals are involved.


Everybody is welcome: Technical, non-technical or just interested. If you like to know more, be involved or are just curious: Just come to one of our meetups:
- 1th Wednesday: DIY hands-on at the Makerspace in OBA

- 3th Wednesday: Sharing knowledge, ideas & connecting people

- Random: Specials (handson workshops), excursions or whatever comes up:-)

As we want to bring you interesting speakers, who can share their thoughts, experiences and/or wisdom, we would appreciate you tipping us off when you know or heard about someone!

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