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Elke 3de woensdag van de maand tot 16 april 2019

Codam Coding College

Kattenburgerstraat 7 · Amsterdam

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Kattenburgerstraat 5, just follow the entry road straight ahead till you see the black&white striped building on your right side. The entrance is at the back (so just before building turn right towards bikestorage to go around)

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Wat we doen

19.00 LoRaWAN Environmental Real-Time monitoring
Reinhard Bischoff, manager director of Decentlab will talk about the development process of their LoRaWAN portfolio for environment measurements, the challenges and finally answer questions.

19.45 Banking of Things
Meet FINN, a young ING startup. They’ve built a solution that allows smart devices to pay autonomously. That means that with FINN, you can connect payments to triggers from any smart device. In this presentation, Lead Developer Pim (Stolk) will walk you through all the details.

Every 3th Wednesday of the month we have presentations, open mic & discussions about IoT-related subjects.

Doors open at 18.00 at our host Codam College for networking & discussing projects.
Presentations usually start at 19h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question.


Everybody is welcome: Technical, non-technical or just interested. If you like to know more, be involved or are just curious: Just come to one of our meetups:
- 1th Wednesday: DIY hands-on at the Makerspace in OBA
- 3th Wednesday: Sharing knowledge, ideas & connecting people
- Random: handson workshops, excursions or whatever comes up:-)

As we want to bring you interesting speakers, who can share their thoughts, experiences and/or wisdom, we would appreciate you tipping us off when you know or heard about someone!

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