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Understanding and evolving business strategy is a difficult process. Reasoning about it can feel abstract and distant, conversations can easily get stuck in an endless loop of buzzword-bingo without actionable results.

Maps turn the abstract into the concrete. They ease communication and help us reason. The structure of a wardleymap can be explained in a few minutes, making them accessible to a broad audience and applicable in a variety of contexts.

But how do you make a map? And how do you use them to facilitate scenario thinking? With practice comes experience and skill, which is what Strategic Mapping AMS is all about. Join us to:

- Practice making and evolving maps
- Learn from successes and failures of other mappers
- Understand when maps are helpful and when they are not
- Translate mapping-insight into action
- Explore other map structures
- Shape and influence the community of mappers in Amsterdam and surroundings

Imagine talking to fellow mappers about your experiences. Exchanging ideas how to 'sell' maps to the organization you work for. Sharing tips how you can facilitate a collaborative mapping session. Or being warned for common pitfalls when you first start mapping. Exploring possible follow up for your organization based on observations from your map. All of this while meeting nice people and having fun in the process. 

Visit Strategic Mapping AMS and join our community of mappers to shape business strategy thinking in and around Amsterdam 💪🏽

Interested? Learn more here:

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 📖 Wardley Maps book:

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