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| In the spring of 2020 we enthusiastically started a local version of Skeptics in the Pub in The Hague: a monthly meeting of minds interested in science and society. We had expert speakers and discussions in English, to accomodate an international audience.

The start in cafe De Pakschuit was promising, but then the corona lockdown struck. After a few physical meet-ups and some joint zoom meetings with the Skeptics in Amsterdam, Groningen and The Hague, the initiative came to a halt.

The location was less than suitable as well. We were unable to find a cafe able to provide a separate room free of charge in exchange for the promise of sufficient consumption by participants. In short, we have decided to stop the Mythbusting Skeptics’ subscription in The Hague as of 1 July.

If one or more of the currently registered members wants to take over the initiative, we will be happy to provide the information they need.

Please let us know soon! |
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