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What keeps you from fully embracing your natural leadership potential? Facing your dragons is the adventure of a lifetime. Grab a ticket to our Meetups and start your journey today. GRAB YOUR DRAGONS BY THE TAIL!

This is what we believe: to change our planet for the better we need to exponentially increase innovation: technically, ecologically, socially, economically, and politically. This means being spunky in letting go of the status quo and creating space for new paradigms. That is why we help leaders to create the conscious organizations we believe will have a positive impact. Better leaders. Better world.

“To change the world for the better, we need to help organizations transform into creative innovative dream builders. We need organizations that serve a purpose that goes well beyond generating a financial return. Organizations that drive out the fear-driven, scarcity-based zero-sum way of thinking about business and see it as an ecosystem of multifaceted value creation for all.”

Our signature workshops are meant for individuals who wish to increase their influence and overcome current impediments and limiting beliefs. You will learn how to take ownership, build trust, reach better decisions, communicate at a deeper level, solve problems more effectively, and improve collaboration. We analyze the surface current of the systems you are part of as well as make sense of systemic undercurrent.

We use this Meetup group and its members to try out (pieces of) programs that are in development. Our mature programs will be marketed through our website and Eventbrite.