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This is a 100% Python meetup. Meetups are organized to share Python knowledge in all areas.

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MyPy Beyond the Basics

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Mypy becomes more common in Python projects because it makes the code easier to understand and therefore develop faster. Mypy supports a lot of features unknown to many Python developers which will be highlighted in this talk.
Mypy runs with a standard configuration out of the box, which you can adjust completely to your liking, which we'll look at to start off with. Once Mypy is properly configured we'll have a look at this scary thing called generics. Did you realise you probably already use them on a daily basis? So what are they and how can they be used to your advantage? Once generics are out of the way let's discuss Final names, methods and classes. To top it all off we'll have a look at some issues you might run into at runtime and how to solve them.
After this talk you should be able to use the power of Mypy a bit more, so I hope you will join us on june 24th 2021 at 17:15.
Link will follow soon!

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