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WORKSHOPS DAY Our workshops take place the day before the conference. Each is a full day 💻 – 9:00AM - 05:00PM. Please bring your own laptop, and note that workshop and conference tickets are sold separately. We're running a free ngGirls 👩🏻‍💼workshop. Scroll down to learn more. IMPORTANT INFORMATION 1. Todd Motto - Ultimate Workshop - NGRX Learn how to master Redux-style state management with ngrx/store and ngrx/effects. This workshop covers the concepts of state management, and its implementation with Angular. We’ll be exploring architectural patterns and how we can integrate ngrx to achieve effective and maintainable state management. You’ll be able to understand Observable based reactive patterns, actions, reducers, side-effects, single stores and how to handle immutability. Primed with new knowledge, you’ll be able to implement effective state management in Angular applications without thinking twice. 2. Nir Kaufman - Full-stack JS for Angular developers Master Class During this workshop, we will implement a complete solution from scratch on top a full JavaScript stack using Angular as our frontend framework and NestJS as the backend. We will learn how to design, structure and build a fully functional application using the latest tools and real-world practices. We will focus on advanced patterns and techniques. This workshop aimed for front-end Angular developers who want to expand their skills and knowledge and build a full-stack JavaScript web application. 3. Tomasz Ducin - JS Functional Programming Master Class During this workshop we'll learn Functional Programming by coding. It's perfect for developers who want to dive deeper into the key principles of FP 4. Sebastian Witalec - Building native mobile apps with Angular and NativeScript Are you an Angular developer who always wanted to build an iOS or Android app? Good news! NativeScript is a free and open-source runtime for building native apps with skills you already have – Angular, TypeScript, CSS, and npm. The best part? NativeScript renders truly native UIs – giving your users the best performance and UX their devices can offer. 5. Michael Hladky - Advanced RxJS Master Class This training will bring your RxJs skills to the next level! RxJs is more popular than ever. It is backed into the Angular core and also used in frameworks like React, Vue, and others! This doesn't surprise as it leverages a powerful and elegant way to work with sync as well as async collections. Manfred Steyer - Angular Workshop: Architectures for Enterprise Applications In this interactive seminar you will develop a critical understanding for planning and implementing large enterprise applications with Angular. You will explore and work with approaches to structure huge applications like npm packages, the Mono Repo Approach and Micro Apps. ngGirls We're thrilled to host an ngGirls workshop at ngPoland 2018. The full-day workshop is free for women to attend and aims to introduce women to developing web applications and to increase diversity in the industry. For more information about the workshop and to apply for a place, click here Share the love: tell a friend or colleague about the workshop! Are you interested in sponsoring the ngGirls workshop?

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