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#32 Code-centric websites with Blogdown & Touring the tidyverse: tidyeval
In our next meetup Ilja Sperling will bring the best of both worlds: code-centric websites with Blogdown & R. Next in the lineup, Mikhail Balyasin will continue with his series of talks "Touring the tidyverse" and this time he'll talk about tidyeval. Check the description of the talks below. Short contributions and announcements from the audience are always welcome. We want to be a diverse and inclusive group, please come, bring your friends. We're hoping for a nice crowd enjoying interesting talks and chats. Our generous host Europace AG will prepare drinks and snacks for us! See you! -- Ilja Sperling | The best of both worlds: code-centric websites with Blogdown & R This talk will introduce you to the convenience of creating and running your own code-centric website with RStudio and R Markdown. No HTML needed. Whether as your personal homepage, a blog with all your R tricks, or just to build your data-science portfolio - Yihui Xie’s Blogdown package makes running a full-fledged website from within RStudio as easy as using Medium or Wordpress. All without ever interrupting your regular R workflow. We’ll set up a new website, write our first post, publish it on the web, and look into some Blogdown tricks and ways to customise our website’s theme. Check out Ilja's blog and his Twitter -- Mikhail Balyasin | Touring the tidyverse: tidyeval It's time we talk about tidyeval. Tidy evaluation is probably one of the most interesting and equally confusing parts of the tidyverse. In the fourth installment of "Touring tidyverse" we will talk about what it is and why you might want to use it in your projects. Main part of the talk will be a step-by-step introduction of concepts in tidyeval (e.g., `enquo`, `enexpr`, `!!`, `!!!` and so on) with a worked example provided by the main developer of tidyeval Lionel Henry. This will hopefully provide enough motivation and clarity into this concept.


Klosterstr. 71 10179 · Berlin

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R is an open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. R has an estimated one million users worldwide, and its user base is growing. It is commonly used within academia, in fields like computational biology and applied statistics, and in commercial areas such as quantitative finance and business intelligence.

Among R's strengths as a language are its powerful built-in tools for inferential statistics, its compact modeling syntax, its data visualization capabilities, and its ease of connectivity with persistent data stores (from databases to flatfiles).

In addition, R's open source nature and its extensibility via add-on "packages" has allowed it to keep up with the leading edge in academic research.

For all its strengths, though, R has an admittedly steep learning curve; the first steps towards learning and using R can be challenging.

To this end, the Berlin R Users Group is dedicated to bringing together practitioners of R to exchange knowledge, inspire new users, and spur the adoption of R for innovative research and commercial applications.

We want to be a diverse and inclusive group. Please come, no matter your race, gender and sexual orientation. We support the (

(inspired by the Bay Area R Users Group's introduction)

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