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IT talk is an open community, where anyone interested in IT industry can participate​. We do not focus on specific technologies. At our meetings we will feature presentations for project managers, developers (.NET, C #, JAVA , etc.), we will touch on testing issues.

IT talk is a real opportunity for professionals, teachers, students and novice developers to exchange news, share technical solutions, present them at the seminars to colleagues and everyone interested.

IT talk is a useful tool to meet the demands for professional communication, sharing knowledge and experience, networking.

The target audience of the community – active and ambitious professionals, open to the exchange of experience and knowledge, ready to develop themselves and their company.

​IT talk was not created as a community of companies, but as a community of professionals who are able to participate in the life of the business community, regardless of the organization in which they work.

Participation in IT talk meetings is free.

Any participant can become a speaker at the community meeting and talk about their experience, views, company.

If you are interested in participating in the meetings of IT talk, please, send your contact information (name, surname) on with a request to inform you about upcoming meetings and topics of the reports.

If you want to listen to colleagues or tell them about your experience, you are welcome.

​We are waiting for you at our meetings !​

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