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Kaggle Days Meetup Dallas is the first Meetup from the worldwide series of Kaggle Days Meetups, gathering a community of Data Science enthusiasts and Kaggle fans.
Learn how to start on Kaggle, share your experience, learn tips and trick on how to win a Kaggle competition and improve your skills.

Our goals are to:
- LEARN through practice,
- NETWORK with other Data Scientists from your city and work on Data Science projects together,
- MEET Kaggle Grandmasters, Masters and Kaggle competition winners,
- HAVE FUN at the meetings and make new friends!

Our speakers are Kaggle competition winners. At Kaggle Days Meetups you can participate in presentations, workshops and offline mini-competitions, all of them related to Data Science and Kaggle.

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Kaggle Days Meetup Dallas #1


Kaggle Days Meetups are a series of events all over the world, created by Kaggle and LogicAI, that aim to gather Kagglers and people interested in Data Science around one city. Meetup #1: The Competition... and Beyond! Agenda: 6:00 – 6:30p Meet and greet, food and refreshments 6:30 – 6:45 Introductions 6:45 – 7:45 Presentations and QA 7:45 – 8:30 Networking Abstract: Competing in Kaggle competitions is a way to boost one's knowledge and skills in the world of data science. Competing to win requires a whole different level of knowledge and commitment. In this presentation, you will hear from Kaggle Grandmaster David Austin about his path through the field of deep learning, and how Kaggle was and still is a key part of that journey. He will cover some of the tips and techniques used for achieving top Kaggle results, and perhaps more importantly—how competing in competitions can (and can't) extend to real world results. David Austin, MS, MBA, Senior Principal Engineer | Intel Corporation David's work primarily focuses on algorithms for industrial sectors. He is a Kaggle competitions Grandmaster with eight gold medals, finishing in 1st place in two separate competitions, and achieving an overall rank of #11. In 2019 he gave keynote talks at Deep Learning World Munich and Embedded Vision Europe, and was published in ICCV. David enjoys leading AI projects in computer vision, and deep learning in the Internet of Things domain. About our sponsor: Dialexa is a Technology Research, Design, and Creation Firm. We build revolutionary technology products and user experiences that solve today's complex business challenges. Whether it's bringing car subscriptions to market or re-engineering physician engagement for healthcare systems, Dialexa drives true innovation, creates larger impact, and furthers our client's business objectives. To learn more about Dialexa, visit Parking Information

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