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Kaggle Days Meetups are a series of events all over the world, created by Kaggle and LogicAI, that aim to gather Kagglers and people interested in Data Science around one city.

Learn how to start on Kaggle, share your experience, learn tips and trick on how to win a

Kaggle competition and improve your skills.
Our goals are to:
- LEARN through practice,
- NETWORK with other Data Scientists from your city and work on Data Science projects
- MEET Kaggle Grandmasters, Masters and Kaggle competition winners,
- HAVE FUN at the meetings and make new friends!

Our speakers are Kaggle competition winners or Grandmasters/Competition experts. At Kaggle Days Meetups you can participate in presentations, workshops and offline mini-competitions, all of them related to Data Science and Kaggle.

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Local Eco-system partners:

Co-Learning Lounge: Check and subscribe to their YouTube channel and join their telegram AI community:

ODSC : ODSC brings together the open-source and data science communities with the goal of helping its members learn, connect and grow. Subscribe to the Hyderabad chapter at

PyData : PyData provides a forum for the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other. Follow the Hyderabad Chapter at

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