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Welcome to Poznań Elixir Meetup. It’s a group for everyone who is interested in Elixir programming language.

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language, inspired by Ruby, Erlang, Python and Clojure, designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.

Come to our meetups and meet other Elixir enthusiasts!

This group is maintained by AppUnite (, if you have any ideas that can help growing Elixir community message us!

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Poznań Elixir Meetup #16


We invite you to the 16th edition of Poznań Elixir Meetup! 💜

If you cannot make it, tune into our Live Stream on YouTube

There will be 3 presentations covering trending topics:
🎤 Patryk Bąk - How to migrate live production data
🎤 Łukasz Pauszek - Developing a Twitter clone with CockroachDB in a local Kubernetes environment
🎤 Maciej Kaszubowski - Safe DB schema migrations with Ecto

Once the presentations are finished, join us for drinks and snacks to network and talk about Elixir programming language.🔥

Link to agenda

The number of spots is limited, so don't wait and book yours today❗️

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Poznań Elixir Meetup #15


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