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Transformation as a Product - make a change that sticks [English, onsite]

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Transformation as a Product - make a change that sticks  [English, onsite]


Transformation as a Product - approach for transformation to make a change that sticks (meetup will be in English)

We would like to invite you for an onsite meetup and discussion on transformation topics. We are going to share with you our experience from over 2 years of transformation journey for Heineken.
As a second part of the meetup we will facilitate round table discussions to give all of us the possibility to share experience and to learn from each other.
Everything will be spiced up with Heineken beer in our office bar :)

18:15 - networking
18:30 - talk by Ronald Maas

Agile transformations are more and more common in the business. One of the most important things we always wonder is how to make a change that sticks.
Have you ever thought that transformation can be delivered as a product? What if we take this perspective and deliver transformation in a way we teach others to deliver their products? Will that thinking support us in delivering results?

We will tell the story of how we transform business in Heineken. We want to share with you our approach, how we started transformation and what steps we do to make a real change that sticks.

19:15 - ROUND TABLES - space for sharing your experience :)

1. Multi-culti coctail (Facilitators: Ludmiła Boryło & Kinga Chwastek)
Working in a multicultural environment can bring a lot of advantages and definitely boosts creativity.
At the same time, it may create some challenges and confusions.
Let's discuss our experience, share our tips and failures in order to better understand one another and collaborate more smoothly.

2. Scaling Product Teams (Facilitators: Dominika Kozakiewicz & Małgorzata Grabiec)
Scaling Product Teams - Product teams in Heineken are getting bigger and bigger so let's discuss our experience with splitting them. We will share our steps in transformation into smaller teams, benefits and problems that we are facing right now.

3. How can SMs support whole lifecycle of a solution and build their reputation while doing that (Facilitator: Grzegorz Bednarczyk)
While building solutions it is very tempting to focus on fancy features and delivering them as soon as possible. Hence, the outcome and impact parts are often neglected or not addressed at all by the teams. We will discuss and share real life examples of what SMs should look after while a solution is being developed by the team and where are the moments they can step in and make the difference.

4. How to work with OKRs in transformation journey (Facilitators: Dorota Sternalska & Ronald Maas)
It is not so easy to define next steps in transformation and to see progress and results. How to measure that we go in the right direction? We would like to discuss with you how you measure your journey towards Agile and share our experience with OKRs.

Ronald Maas - Director Agile transformation at Heineken.
I am a passionate senior transformation manager and change expert with over 20 years of experience. The last 7 years I have been a leader in driving enterprise agility, and the last two years working with H'ken. Driven by integral, multidisciplinary issues. Being creative and problem-solver: converting complex issues into an impactful and successful approach.
My knowledge in the field of organizational development is distinctive, with a shift in structure over recent years into behavioral and cultural questions. Also through my knowledge and experience with agile & lean transformations I know and share the importance of sustainable change: changes must be embedded in the behavior of leaders, in a clear vision and within the structure and culture of organizations.
As part of my passion for organizational development I am highly interested in the challenges of futureproof organizations, like the digital transformation, the thrive towards innovation and the “capability shifts” in organizations.

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