Lessons Learned #2: Optimizing full-text search using Elasticsearch

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We're gonna share some secret knowledge about Elasticsearch. Due to the fact that we've used Elasticsearch in our projects, we basically want to share our experience, knowledge and helpful tips with you.

What will the talk be about:
* understanding Elasticsearch architecture in comparison to SQL search
* how to maintain Elasticsearch index in sync with relational database efficiently
* how to build a user-friendly search
* how to make autocomplete suggestions
* how to build Tinder-like app based on Elasticsearch :)

What to bring:
* good vibe
* computer or notebook if you want to write down some notes (not obligatory)

After talk and q&a session we invite you for a free beer (!) on the rooftop. Well... Wawel at night looks quite nice when viewed from the cosy boardroom.

Can't wait to see you at the event!