Our 1st B-day with Kotlin Paleontology

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This event will be different than the others but we want to celebrate our first B-day :)

Instead of one or two talks, we will have many ultra-lightning​ talks about Kotlin `Paleontology`. What does it mean?

We invite everyone to prepare few (e.g. 4) slides about anything that was a nice, interesting or silly feature or practice in Kotlin that existed in some older version, is unknown or simply forgotten. Got an idea in mind? Write to us and be part of this meetup :)

Need an example?
Do you remember the times when kotlin allowed to you to omit logic of getters and setters of properties using $ operator, like this:

var foo: Int = 0
set(v) { println("Setting $v") }
// ...
$foo = 5 // Nothing printed.

Of course, we've got a few surprises prepared, since this will be our B-day :)

We will raffle ticket to sphere.it, entry for Kt.Academy's training and many more.

JetBrains provided a free license to raffle during the meetup.
VirtusLab is the founding sponsor of Kraków Kotlin User Group