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The goal of DevOps Lisbon is to bring together the community of people interested in DevOps, Continuous Delivery and related topics, both from technical and cultural perspectives. Everyone's contribution is welcome! This is meant to be a group open to everyone's ideas. We'll try to hold a regular monthly meetup with talks and/or open spaces, workshops or just socializing :)


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Meetup #50 with Special Guest: Patrick Debois

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For our meetup #50, we have a very special guest, none other than Patrick Debois who coined the term #DevOps that we know today. He also started the DevOpsDays conferences which expanded to all corners of the world. This is a meetup you do not want to miss, a unique opportunity to ask Patrick everything you always wanted to know about DevOps! For instance, why is it called DevOps? Why is there no common definition of what DevOps is? Time to be curious and engaged! If you're not familiar with Patrick's early work on DevOps, this is a good starting point: https://www.infoq.com/interviews/debois-devops NOTE: START TIME IS BACK TO 19H PORTUGAL TIME (GMT+1) Link to Zoom (videoconference) will be visible on this page on the right side (under "Online event") once you are logged in and registered for this meetup. The event starts at 19:00 sharp, please try to connect on time! There will be plenty of time for questions and chatting after the talks! ========= TALK: TBD Speaker: Patrick Debois Patrick is Director of Dev (heart) Ops Relations at Snyk (snyk.io). He's an eternal implementor and pragmatic researcher and he released #devops onto the world through devopsdays (devopsdays.org). ========= Remember our guidelines of engagement in the video call, to make sure things run as smoothly as possible: 1. When you join, you will be muted to avoid noise 2. We ask you to rename yourself to include your name and city/location 3. Turn on your webcam if you don’t mind, so we can recognize each other’s faces and make this more in-person like, we're friendly :) 4. After each presentation, there will be a Q&A round 5. If you have a question, “Raise hand” to let us know OR write it in the chat 5.1. If you “raise hand”, we will call your name and unmute you so you can ask the question 5.2. If you write the question in the chat, we will read it out loud 6. Feel free to use the chat for discussions with other participants 7. We will keep the call open for 10/15m after the talks for further discussion, virtual networking if you like :) ========= IMPORTANT NOTICE: The talks will be recorded and published in the DevOps Lisbon YouTube channel. By signing up for this event you explicitly agree that your image might appear in the video recordings. Nevertheless, you can always get in touch with the organisation ([masked]) to have it removed.

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ONLINE - Building CI/CD Pipelines

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