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DevOps Porto #22: Build Automation in a DevOps way!
Welcome to our 22th meetup about DevOps and it's culture, values and practices. This meetup will be held at Talkdesk's shiny new offices. Do you still configure your builds manually through a User Interface? In the past years, Infrastructure as Code has become a new normal, especially with the advent of new technologies like Puppet, Chef or Docker. This practice made the Operations teams to adopt common development practices to manage their infrastructure. Strangely, the Continuous Integration processes continue to be manually configured. In this session Guilherme Ferreira, our invited speaker, will explore the Build as Code concept and will use Cake (, a build automation solution based on C#, to help us. Guilherme ( is a Software Architect @ NumbersBelieve (where he also acted as a Software Developer and Scrum Master). He is the organiser of the NetPonto Community. He is also a football fan, addicted to coffee and a foodie (a geek who cooks!). Agenda: • Welcome • Build Automation in a DevOps way! by Guilherme Ferreira • Coffee/Networking break • Open space • Closing


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    DevOps Porto is a community for everyone interested in reducing the pain of software delivery and in building “bridges” between development and operations. Because developing software is not enough, we like to discuss all DevOps related topics from the cultural perspective, such as communication and collaboration, and from the technical perspective, such as source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery. We're an open group interested in discussing topics related to applications, databases, infrastructure and human factors. So join us and share your thoughts!

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