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DevOps Porto is a community for everyone interested in reducing the pain of software delivery and in building “bridges” between development and operations. Because developing software is not enough, we like to discuss all DevOps related topics from the cultural perspective, such as communication and collaboration, and from the technical perspective, such as source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery. We're an open group interested in discussing topics related to applications, databases, infrastructure and human factors. So join us and share your thoughts!
We also have the website https://devopsporto.com for more information about the group. 
In order to promote the DevOps topics discussion/sharing and the interaction between group members it was created a Slack team https://devopsporto.slack.com. You can get your invitation here: https://devopsporto.herokuapp.com

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How to easily manage TLS certificates with Vault

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Having valid TLS certificates protects our companies, by ensuring privacy and data security for communications over the Internet, so we can deliver trust to our users and customers. But it is a burden if we don't have a proper process for rotating certificates. As well as it can pose some risks and flaws.
So, what if we automate it?
In this presentation, we will share a proposal on how to easily manage the rotation of TLS certificates across all the Infrastructure using Vault.

Rafael Pinto
Rafael has a masters degree in Informatics Engineering by the University of Minho. He started his career in 2017, and from the very beginning was passioned about automation, infrastructure, and DevOps. Currently playing the role of Lead Infrastructure Engineer at Farfetch. Sports and electronic music lover.

Eduardo Mota
Started as a software developer, working in areas that range from the Internet of Things to blockchain and e-commerce. Made his way to DevOps back in 2016, and is now a Lead Engineer at Farfetch. A strong advocate of automation, and in “doing more with less”. Eduardo is also passionate about the cloud in every sense of the word, as he accumulates his work as a DevOps Engineer with being a commercial pilot and flight instructor.

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DevOps Research for Professionals: from Tools to Best Practices

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