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Welcome to the community that leads the future of intelligent software development!

The purpose of this meetup is to create events for those interested in Model Driven Engineering (MDE) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and to let you present, demonstrate and discuss the most practical component of this issue, following the talks (MDE & AI) with University students, professors, researchers, engineers and management professionals.

The best specialists in this area are being invited, regularly, to speak about specific issues.
You can apply to present your own experience.
And this group will also give members the chance to network with others who are interested in this subjects.

Model-based technologies and artificial intelligence techniques are the basis of most systems that will support the activities and business of the future.

Although many areas of computer engineering have evolved rapidly, there are still few companies and universities that have extensively explored techniques that involve rigorous modeling and specification of systems, transformation between models, or automatic generation. These techniques are applied at different levels of abstraction and in different application domains such as software engineering, civil engineering, mechanics ... but also in health, education, fintech or legaltech. These approaches will allow organizations to jump into a disruptive historical level of efficiency, productivity and intelligence.

This is what we regularly discuss in the "Talks on Model Driven Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Approaches" series of theoretical discussions at Instituto Superior Técnico and other participating institutions.

Here you will be attending the practical sessions, developing your skills and knowledge on how to make things happen.

See you!

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