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Like photography? Like new cultures and people? Like learning languages? Or teaching them? Meeting new people from all over the world? Would like to improve your photo skills? Curious about Photo & Language community active? Then feel Welcome to join "Photo & Language Practice"! This is an unique community in Sao Paulo intended to put together photographer, language enthusiasts, learners, fans and all levels that get together monthly to exchange acknowledgement and experience, and also have some fun together! Do not worry, and feel welcomed. There is always a shoot trick to be learnt about it. You don't need to be a professional either, but if do, we all going to be soooo happy to have you on board with us :) If you are one of those who like a challenge so, this is your community! Experience the opportunity to learn and improve your photo skills in a different language. No matter what language do you speak, no matter how much do you know about any other language or photography, the most important thing is: You need to be totally open to both, learn and teach. We do events such as meeting at parks, city tourist places, photo shooting tours, and others all over the city, suggestions are very welcome as well. No fee charge applies, you just need to cover up your own expenses. Looking forward to meeting everyone!