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** CURRENTLY MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED except for women and guys over 50 - this is to create diversity **

If you're interested in playing in a non-league, friendly games, join us. All abilities and ages are welcome and all games are Coed.

We have regular games on most days in Downtown Raleigh and in North Raleigh.

What to bring: A white shirt and a dark-colored shirt (GRAYS & PASTELS are NOK) , cleats and water. Shin guards are optional.

There is a one-time fee of $5, to help cover the fees payable to Meetup & for purchase of pop-up goals, balls, cones etc. Join for free, play a couple of games and if you like, pay, else you can leave with no obligation.

Game conduct: Support your Organizer and hosts and follow their instructions. No aggressive behavior or slide tackles allowed. We understand that different levels of players are involved and we play in a way that all can have maximum fun. If you are no-show 3 times after RSVPing you will be removed from the group. People with anger issues & those who need to prove their manhood in the game, will quickly be rooted out. So don't bother joining.

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Wednesday Beginners' game - small sided

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Wednesday Evening Game - Intermediate Level

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Friday Evening

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