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Hyderabad Python User Group (HydPy) is a community driven group to promote Python in Hyderabad. HydPy has been conducting monthly Meetups & workshops in Hyderabad for last 2years and it has over 8000 members. We work together with other communities in particular python and in general Open Source Software (OSS) related groups within Hyderabad and the rest of India to further expand the usage and increase users of OSS. HydPy is a recognised regional community by Python Software Society India (PSSI) and global Python Software Foundation(PSF).

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Pycon India 2019


This is a placeholder event for PyCon India 2019, please DO NOT RSVP here. PyCon India is India's premier conference on using and developing the Python programming language. This year, the conference is happening in Chennai, on October 12 - 15, 2019. About 1200 Pythonistas from all over India are expected to participate in the event. For more details about the event please visit https://in.pycon.org/

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ThoughtWorks Technologies Private Limited

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