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Framsia er en norsk brukergruppe for teknisk frontend. Hvis du interesserer deg for utvikling basert på åpne web-standarder som JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SVG og lignende teknologier relatert til nettlesere, så er Framsia gruppen for deg! Framsia holder regelmessige meetups med både norske og internasjonale talere, med sterkt fokus på både faglig kvalitet og sosial hygge.

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Framsia is back! Serverless Evening: What does Serverless bring to front-end dev

Framsia meetup is back on the track with the event dedicated to the very interesting topic: what does Serverless mean for the front-end development and developers? Let's check what the major cloud providers think about that. We're hosting this event on MESH. Learn about the paradigm shift in software development. If you want to prepare for the event, check out this article: https://medium.com/capgemini-norway/serverless-et-paradigmeskifte-i-systemutvikling-556a24fb9bd6 Agenda: 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Nader Dabit Nader works with the AWS Amplify platform. He is a speaker at conferences around the world and writes Medium articles, blog posts for AWS and is active in the community. In June, he is in Norway to do a talk on React Conf Norway in Larvik. He was also interested in talking about the paradigm shift in software development at this event. In his speak, we'll see the power of AWS Amplify and what one of their maintainers thinks about it. Is getting started with Serverless as easy as Amplify says? 18:40 Session 2 19:20 Mingling, communicating, discussing See you in MESH!

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