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The London Node.js User Group (LNUG) is A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.

LNUG is the longest standing Node.js meetup in London and has been hosting first-class events for over 4 years. LNUG has welcomed speakers from all around the world and over time built up a truly global audience. Our commitment to the London Node.js community is as strong as ever and we are proud to offer a platform for the local rising stars of Node.js to share their expertise & network.

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CityJSConf 2019

Curzon Soho

CityJSConf is a one day conference, a joint event from the London's JavaScript meetups, including London JS Community, JS Monthly, Halfstack and London Node User Group. The event this year will run on the 3rd of May at Curzon Soho. Prior to the event there will be two days (1st and 2nd of May) workshops FREE to everyone at Google Campus and Microsoft Reactor. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the JavaScript community to meet great local and international speakers and share their experience with modern Javascript development. For tickets please visit www.cityjsconf.org website. LNUG members can get a discount using this link to buy your tickets: https://tinyurl.com/cityjsconf2019-meetupoffer

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LNUG #83 - April 2019

Conde Nast

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