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The London Node.js User Group (LNUG) is A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.

LNUG is the longest standing Node.js meetup in London and has been hosting first-class events for over 4 years. LNUG has welcomed speakers from all around the world and over time built up a truly global audience. Our commitment to the London Node.js community is as strong as ever and we are proud to offer a platform for the local rising stars of Node.js to share their expertise & network.

Прошедшие мероприятия (35)

LNUG #84 - May 2019

Conde Nast

CityJSConf 2019

Curzon Soho

LNUG #83 - April 2019

Conde Nast

LNUG #82 - March 2019

Conde Nast

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