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Classes are always free, open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in meditation - young and old, beginners and seasoned pros. The purpose of the classes is to provide instruction on simple meditation techniques to anyone who wishes to learn and to come together to enjoy meditation as a group.

Sahaja Yoga teaches a unique method of meditation, rooted in ancient spiritual knowledge. You can achieve a state of Thoughtless Awareness in just 10 minutes.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always FREE. Meditation practitioners will introduce the benefits and lead us through guided meditation workshops.

Through this process, an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes united, integrated, balanced and moral. Sahaja Yoga meditation is a powerful stress releasing strategy The sense of inner calm you experience during thought-less awareness boosts your emotional wellbeing. Sahaja Meditation is good for heart, mind, body and soul. Sahaja Yoga Meditation also revitalizes energy, focus, restores optimism, peace and contentment.

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