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I have a dream to cycle from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, it's been on my mind for many years, though I keep postponing it for one reason or another, lack of training, lack of guts, and the lack of "just do it" attitude too I guess. Anyway, the thing is I'm not getting any younger (currently 51 years old), and if I don't get down to doing it now I'm going to regret it when I'm a seriously old fart and drooling.

So here's to committing myself.

Next year I'll be 52 in July, so I'm not young, but I've been cycling since I was a preteen and growing up in the coastal town of Sheringham, Norfolk, England. I love cycling, I cycle at least 3 times a week, usually at Lumpinee Park during lunch time to keep myself sane from mental, or keep my retardness in check :)

Long distance cycling I've only done in a day, never on a multi-day trip, so this will be rather new to me, but I do not foresee that as being a problem. Living in Thailand, means I mainly ride the flats, I'm an annual participant in the 180 kilometer Bangkok - Hua Hin, I have completed this journey now 5 years in a row.

I also ride up & down Khao Yai national park when I can, and once did a trip from Pranchinburi to Pakchong, it was a journey by train from Makkasan railway station to Prachinburi, and then cycle to Khao Yai national park and across to the other side and down to Pakchong town to take the bus back to Bangkok, all in a day.

I am not a strong or fast rider, however I feel I can do this trip with the right training.

I currently ride a Planet X Kaffenback II bike, it's set up for touring with 32c tires, mountain bike gears, drop handlebars, however I may have to switch that for a Surly Cross Check as the Kaffenback likes to do wheelies on inclines due to it's short rear end.

I have partners in Luang Prabang who is help setting this up with a back-up vehicle, more about that later, the schedule for this epic journey is in October 2015, most likely on we start on 17th. October is still low season so the hotel prices will be attractive, not so many tourists, weather should be fine with some rainfall but it will be beautifully green at that time of year.

This is not a race, it's about people who love cycling, touring, exploring and challenging oneself.

There will be costs involved for accommodation, back-up vehicles, water, snacks, etc. everything else such as food, entrance fees to sites, repairs, etc. are are your own expense.

I hope you will join me/us on this trip, if you have ideas and suggestions I'm open to suggestions.

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