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Patronus: Our Father

user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 472
The best form of government has always been self-government and the natural family under the natural law, where natural government operates by love, faith, hope, charity, honor, virtue, integrity under the Law of Nature. This is the foundation all civil law governments rest for their authority: The Law of the Father, but for the civil law, it is the "vicarious pater" or substitute father. The right of "excise" is the right of tribute. Excise taxes are all tribute taxes given to a "father". In the systems man creates the vicarious paters or substitute fathers extract their tribute from the people by force or threat due to the people abdicating their natural law rights and responsibilities, usually, gradually over time. The people surrender more and more of their natural law, inalienable rights and responsibilities to their vicarious fathers because the people grow fearful, weak, slothful, vain, prideful, envious, jealous, greedy, etc. in exchange for privileges, civil rights, benefits, immunities, protections, pensions, bounties, subsidies, and entitlements offered from the substitute father's table or altar.

"Honor your fathers and mothers so that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you." This natural law precept is talking about the Law of the Father or "Patronus". The problem is men who claim to be mighty ones of authority, i.e. EL or gods, who claim to be mighty hunters, providers, instead of God the Father in Heaven, instead of our own natural fathers, entice the people to abdicate their rights and responsibilities and invest their inalienable powers in the mighty one, the mighty provider, the mighty father in front of or instead of God and their natural fathers.

In Roman law, civil law, Roman civil law, all the same thing, which is traced back to Babylonia Law, when the people were manumitted from their natural law families through a three fold process of abdication in Roman law, Novation, Tutor and Korban, the people go under the power of new, less-than-natural fathers in a new civil law form of government, whatever shape that takes, constitutional republic, a democracy, monarchy, an oligarchy, etc., which is just the form of government that rules over the new family of citizens with their new Patronus or "our father", all patriots share a common father (patri or pater). Ex-patri-ation is a form of repentance, changing "fathers" or "paters/patri".

Novation is a rewriting of an old agreement. The natural father gives his child to the substitute father via birth registration with the government, the new daddy and the natural father steps into a subordinate role of babysitter.

Tutor means to protect, watch, keep, guard against, and it includes all benefits like education and social security that a father is supposed to provide to his family. Uncle Sam, as the vicarious pater or substitute father, is providing his citizens, his children with benefits that all his kids pay for through their excise taxes, which are tribute taxes given to the Patronus, our father.

In Roman law, patria potestas, which signifies the authority a father had over his children, grandchildren, and other descendents. and must be viewed as an imperium, and the imperium was originally the power of each man to protect himself and his neighbor which was eventually vested in a civil law king, or president as a military merum or within the community as the mixtum. Both the merum and the mixtum were merged at that point incident to the jurisdiction established by the people's application, contract, and some nexuses and or acquiescence. The office of the imperium, which in the natural law, each man possess for himself, but in the civil law it is vested by the people in the Emporator or Commander-In-Chief, and was always called Patronus, our father; Senators or "white hairs" were called patres or fathers or conscripti patres, the conscripted fathers.

These systems of centralized power of men over men are not new and have been around since the days of Cain, Lemech, Nimrod and Pharoah, Herod, Caesar and it is no different today with Uncle Sam.

These civil law systems of fatherly benefactors that exercise authority over their citizens come to power usually out of some calamity, like a famine, an earthquake, a hurricane, a war, etc. and the natural families are devastated, their children are starving and screaming and dying and in the fear and panic people loose faith and trust in an unseen Father in Heaven and turn to the mighty ones of authority on earth, gods many and lords many, that promise the people peace and security for the price of their natural law inalienable rights granted by God through the process of abdication: novation, tutor and korban. This is what happened to the Israelites who were feeling the consequences of selling their brother into slavery when they freely consented to pay an income/tribute/excise tax on all their labor and chattels of 1/5 or 20% in Genesis 47. This was the final step in a long subtle abdication in the United States which culminated in 1933 with the Great Depression and the NEW DEAL, what a mind job. You got a OLD deal sold to you as a NEW DEAL, but there was nothing NEW about it. Nimrod and Pharaoh offered the same NEW DEAL to the people applying (praying) to them for relief.

You have accepted the baptism of Uncle Sam and worship him as your father, you give him your allegiance, you pay him your tribute, by force or threat of punishment for non-payment of course, since he fears you and doesn't think that you will really love him enough to just give a free will tribute to him as your vicarious pater, so he makes civil laws to force you to pay your tribute to bring food into his house, and feed his sheep.

Matthew 23:9, "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven". The anointed King of Judea, was not telling you not to call your nature father, your father, He was telling you not to call Herod your Father, Caesar you Father, Uncle Sam your Father. Who all held the office of "vicarious pater" or substitute father in front of or instead of God the Father and Creator.

Malachi 3:7, "Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept [them]. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return?"

user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 473
Most people today think that by saying a few "magic words" that they are "saved by Jesus". I wish it were that easy, but it is not. For God so loved the world* that He gave His only begotten son so that they MIGHT be saved. We have to repent from our "sin" and return to God's Way, His Law, His Jurisdiction, His Kingdom of Heaven (everywhere under the atmosphere on the planet) that has always been here from the beginning. Most us will say the same thing that the people said in Malachi 3, "where in shall we return...we go to State incorporated IRS licensed 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organizations called churches to worship God, we do a lot of good works, yet we steal and covet and take our neighbors life from them through our man-made government systems of civil law legalized plunder to pay for all the goodies that we don't want to pay for ourselves, but where in shall we return cause we are being religious, we are singing songs and give you lip service, besides we were told that you, God, ordained the government of the United States." No! God only ordains His own Kingdom government but allows us the free will choice to reject him and make our own governments, don't confuse ordain with allow. Man's governments are allowed to punish the wicked, those that choose to reject God the Father. It is these consequences for sin that every US citizen is bitching about now. God hopes that all of us, like the prodigal son, will get tired to slopping pigs for a substitute father and start walking (repenting) and being "born again" (alive and in the presence of God) towards our home to be a servants in our natural families, which is God the Father's foundational house and kingdom government. God ordained the the Family, man ordains civil law governments.
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