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Stone Mountain, GA
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June 4, 2012

What table top RPGs are you interested in playing right now, and what version?

I would love to play Bushido, Risus, Microscope, Traveller (Classic), DCC, Palladium's TMNT, Mythic Russia (I think it's a RuneQuest variant), tremulus, de profundis, Cthulhu Dark, and willing to play about any freebie RPG from sites like 1KM1KT just to see if they're any good and to provide feedback to the authors. I currently run two D&D b/x campaigns, and a Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox campaign. I do want to try 5e, as I hear it's possible to play it with old school sensibilities, as so called O5R.

What board games do you like? What table top miniature games are you into? Do card games interest you?

For miniatures, I play G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. (Victorian Sci-Fi, Colonial wars), Blitzkrieg Commander (WWII, company/battalion), Disposable Heroes/Coffin for 7 Brothers (squad to platoon), and recently started playing Song of Blades and Heroes (fantasy). For card games - I'm not really into CCGs. Maybe Adventure Time, just because, well Adventure Time. But if you mean stuff like Drinking Quest, Gloom, or Guillotine then I'd play.

Where do you live and how far away are you willing to go to play? Also what days and times are the best for you to game?

In Stone Mountain. Willing to drive up to 20 or so miles for a game I really want to play. Sunday and Monday nights after 6pm, Friday or Saturday nights, if I'm not on toddler patrol, after 6pm.

What was your first role-playing game(or nerd games in general) experience, and how does it compare to your gaming today?

D&D b/x Keep on the Borderlands run by a friend. I was hooked before we started playing and that just sealed the deal. I still play b/x these many years later - but I've branched out to try other systems too. Back then, I was all about the combat and loot. While I still enjoy hack and slash, I'd like to think I have grown to enjoy more cerebral challenges as well.

Are you willing to be a DM or GM, or just a player?

I'm willing to DM D&D basic/expert (or a clone like Labyrinth Lord) and Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox (ran this at DragonCon 2014, really like the system or lack thereof). I'll also happily run lite systems like USR, Risus and Cthulhu Dark.


I love graph/hex paper,pencils, polyhedral dice and old school games (not just D&D), but I like indie games, too. Avid miniature wargamer, I steer clear of GW, Privateer Press, Battlefront, etc: companies that push their minis for their rules.

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