>>>TimeGate2011 is only $25<<<

From: Ted S.
Sent on: Friday, August 6, 2010 5:52 PM
$25 is the pre-reg price until Labor Day. In addition to gaming, there will be events and discussion panels covering a wide variety of fandom topics; everything from comic books to gaming to SF&F literature.
A wide selection of board games and card games will be provided for members' use.
The consuite provides the following meals at no additional charge:
Friday> dinner
Saturday> breakfast, lunch and dinner
Sunday>breakfast and lunch
The paper-and-pencil RPG setup from 2010 is pasted below. There will be more great games in 2011.
Title: Love and War: The Missing Princess
Day/time: Fri. 7pm - 11pm
System: Shadowrun 3rd Edition
GM: Buster Skirvin
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
Join up with your team of Shadowrunners as you search across the
Seattle Metroplex for a missing woman before the clock runs and and
you fail to get paid.  Between dodging bullets and searching the seedy
streets of the city and the nicer areas of higher learning, you will
soon find out that nothing is ever as it seems in the Sixth World.
Title: The Devourers in the Mist
Day/time: Fri. 7pm - 11pm
System: Trail of Cthulhu
GM: Yunus Wesley
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/8
 South Pacific castaways must struggle to survive their harsh tropical
refuge and the mental affront of terrifying visions. What can explain
the island that should not be? A tribute to the rugged adventure
genre! Trail of Cthulhu is a game of investigative horror applying
Robin Laws' GUMSHOE system to the horror classic Call of Cthulhu.
Title: Enter the Timegate
Day/time: Sat. 10 - 1
System: FUDGE
GM: Ted Skirvin
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
You are part of military/research team that uses the Timegate, a
hexagon-shaped portal that transports you to alternate Earths. But,
this time something went wrong. You step onto a world that may not be
Earth. Across a wide valley you see an apparatus that looks kind of
like the Timegate but it is circular. A few people in some kind of
military garb have come from it and are approaching a man wearing a
fedora and a long multi-colored scarf. He is standing next to a
strange blue box. Looks like you have a few things you need to check
Title: Border Patrol (I Can't Believe It's Not 'Torchwood' Or
Day/time: Sat. 2pm - 6pm
System: FATE(Spirit of the Century)
GM: Stephen Thompson
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
Getting a report that the homeless are disappearing just means it's
Tuesday at the Alternate Reality Corp. There's even an office pool
that pays out on Fridays; the top winners are "Eaten" and "Murdered."
But this Friday, a handful of vagrants have reappeared - seemlessly
reintegrated into the workforce - and that can't be good. Grab your
best ultra-tech gadgets, black trenchcoat, extra-dark sunglasses you
only wear at night, and a handful of badges to confuse the local
constabulary - because it's Friday, and that pool has to go to
Title: Noodles To go- The Fall of Johnny Chang
Day/time: Sat. 2pm - 6pm
System: Feng Shui
GM: Buster Skirvin
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
The infamous Triad boss Johnny Chang has taken over your neighborhood
and has been ruling it with an iron fist.  But now he has made a
mistake and sent his goons to your favorite restaurant to get
protection money... while you were having dinner there with your
friends.  Join up with your friends to take on Johnny Chang and
liberate your neighborhood.  And remember to get your noodles to go
because you won't have enough time to eat them at the restaurant.
Title: The Calcutta Extraction
Day/time: Sat. 8pm - midnight
System: GURPS (Infinite Worlds campaign setting)
GM: Jason "PK" Levine
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
When criminals have access to countless worlds (each an alternate
history of
our own), bounty hunting gets "complicated" -- but that's why your
gets paid so well! In this adventure, your team of heroes will follow
an arms
smuggler into a world where the sun never set on the British Empire.
Can you
blend in, track him down, and extract him safely, all while navigating
hazards of an alternate India?
Title: unknown at this time
Day/time: Sat. 8pm - midnight
System: not yet known
GM: Andy Vetromile
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
This will be a "Dr. Who" based scenario.
Title: Pest Control ( I can't Believe It's Not 'Supernatural' Or
'Hunter: The Reckoning' )
Day/time: Sun. 1pm - 5pm
System: FATE (Spirit of the Century)
GM: Stephen Thompson
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/5
One tabloid headline, "Zombie pitbull eats mobile home," isn't enough
to make a group of Hunters blink. But when three different tabloids
run stories about zombies in rural Virginia, there might be something
to it. That, or siblings are marrying again. Regardless, your group of
Hunters is passing through the area, so why not swing through for a
quick check? Only, when you arrive in town, there's no-one there.
Shotguns, holy-water, and paranoid survivalist attitudes are the order
of the (quickly waning) day.
Title: Race To Bolton's World
Day/time: Sun.  1pm - 5pm
System: FATE (Diaspora)
GM: Yunus Wesley
Min. & Max. number of players: 3/8
Your crew aboard the fusion torch-ship Hamadryad's Hope has been
tipped off to ancient technological treasures from before the collapse
of interstellar civilization. But other crews have heard as well. A
race across two star systems and a primitive world may lead to wonders
without price. Diaspora brings the narrative action of Spirit of the
Century to a hard science fiction universe of rising and falling human
civilizations. You have no make-believe anti-gravity or force fields
to aid you: only your radiation shielding, reaction mass, and raw

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