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The Most Prodigious Humanist: Professor Raymond Tallis

Brad N.
Little Rock, AR
Post #: 5

I will not even pretend to have known of this man longer than 2 hours.

In fact, I really started to get turned off on his book review on consciousness when he mentioned metaphysics, but curiosity prevailed, and I am delighted that I went to his website.

I have no idea how our world can produce such remarkable people, but he exists.
I intend to enjoy learning about him and his ideas now.

It isn't the red hat and scarf, either; that does look great; if I could only grow a beard like that!!
When your vision dies slowly as mine has done, the delightful thing, if there can be a delightful event, is that colors and forms go last. I do enjoy colors yet!

Here I stand: as ignorant of Dr. Tallis as anybody can be, but I think growth is inevitable as I dig into his mind.

George S
user 13502116
Little Rock, AR
Post #: 86

I listened to several of the podcasts last night.
Boy, they were all over the spectrum of subjects.
Unfortunately the couple I listened to had more than one speaker.
It was more debating than just Tallis.

One thing I liked that was said on aging, was that 60 is the New 40...

I feel forty sometimes, though I usually feel younger.
It's my body that brings me back to reality though.

I will listen to more as time allows.

Brad N.
Little Rock, AR
Post #: 8
That's the myth of age!

It is impossible for us to be older than 7 years of age.
All the atoms in the brain are replaced every 12 months.

Within 7 years, there is not one molecule in our bodies that has not been replaced.

Problem is the cells that replace the old ones: they are defective.
We are victims of a very slow acting "progeria".

There is no body in any cemetery in the world that is older than 7 in terms of age of the body cells.

This presents a technical problem with the resurrection of the mythical character Christ.

At the age of 33, he would have already replaced 4.7 total physical bodies in terms of human cell replacement.
Therefore, only his 0.3 of his 5th body and 0.7 of his 6th body would have resurrected.

Tough situation: leaving 4.7 bodies of god disassembled into molecules and scattered all over Israel.

Even tougher is the restrictions presented by the speed of light!
Resurrecting at the speed of light, he would just now be reaching the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

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