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Discovered: 2000 year old writings on crucifixion and resurrection "discovered" in Jordan cave

Brad N.
Little Rock, AR
Post #: 34

1. Written in ancient Hebrew.
2. On incorruptible lead leaves.
3. Rains and flooding in cave "washed" away dirt to expose the artificact.
4. Graphic of Jerusalem and Cross and Tomb etched on lead cover.

A. Initial opinion of old Brad is: "I smell a hoax".
B. Cross as symbol of christianity commenced after 386 CE as a result of Emperor Constantine mandates on a "state religion" formation vi the Council of Nicea.
C. If authentic, it should have been written after Nicean council just based on crucifix symbol.
D. Might be rusty on this: Roman crucifixions were not on crosses; victims were "impaled" on top of sharpened tree or pole; not deep enough to kill instantly, but to cause great pain until they bled out or died of massive infection. Romans gambled at site to see who would get the victims clothes; surely, they would not invest any money in a property hewn cross and expensive handmade nails.
Like Spartacus, crucifixion was most likely impalement; however, that image could not be used for a new religion of the Constantinian empire!!...a man with a sharpened pole inserted between the legs.

E. This is where I wander off from the crowd who say that Jesus Christ was just a normal man as I
feel certain that he is a mythical creation by a defeated people looking for their Messiah; Jerusalem destroyed circa 70ad; the remaining Pharasee's(who believe in afterlife like Egyptians) regrouped their "sheep" under a fictitious Messiah who came and left.
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