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Agnostic Alliance International ® (AAI) is a socially conscious group dedicated to promoting the principles of logic and empirical reasoning to solve the problems we face in our modern world - and our everyday lives. To accomplish this, AAI develops and promotes education services, namely, providing live and on-line classes, seminars, and workshops in the fields of philosophy, logic and critical thinking; and by providing a website featuring educational non-downloadable videos in the fields of philosophy, logic and critical thinking.

Whether unable or unwilling; there will always be those who can not or will not entertain any idea, premise or perspective which is contrary to their own personal ideology - regardless of logic or empirical reasoning. This is not a recent human condition, but a fact which has been documented by sages for millennia, and is best illustrated by Plato's famous "Allegory of the Cave".

Agnostic Alliance International ® (AAI) understands that most adults today often come pre-wired with their own illogical and emotionally prejudice mental-programming. It is therefore not our intent to impress upon them that to which they are otherwise averse (or 'adverse', as the case may be). Rather, the future of our species, and any hope for world peace, rests upon our ability to rally those citizens who - either by nature or nurture - are already predisposed to logical reasoning. By joining together - as a global force - to teach the children of Earth how to think rather than what to think, We will create that which has never before existed:
A Lucidly Peaceful & Logical Planet.

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