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From: Crystal Hutchens
Sent on: Sunday, September 12, 2010 5:24 PM
My response to this suggestion won't fit on the group comment so I wanted to share from the point of view of the raw vegan what it is like to go to a group with vegan and veg members.

the comment was:
Hi everyone! I just joined the group and I was wondering if there could be more events that are vegetarian. Many of the events are vegan and raw and those recipes take much more planning and time and honestly may not be as appealing! This is anchorage - how many people do you think are really vegan and follow a raw diet? Just a thought!

This group is about INCLUSION, not exclusion. The main people I have met who ever bother to show up to events are vegan, vegan curious, or raw curious. Yes we raw vegans are a small group, but as they say, there's never a crowd on the leading edge.
The only reason I ask people to prepare vegan or raw vegan dishes when I host events is because as a former "cooked vegan" and then participating raw vegan, it is very limiting to show up to an event where you can only choose from some of the dishes, where the vegetarian has free reign to choose from all the was imbalanced and unfair, because as we all find, actually the vegan and raw dishes are just as if not MORE appealing than the vegetarian dishes. What is more difficult about preparing a salad, a nut pate or fruit sorbet, than making some kind of casserole or something cooked with dairy or tortured chicken eggs? Do you mean that it takes more thought to consider that there may be people at a function who have excluded dairy for health or reasons of compassion?
To me, I don't care what you eat because really you're either an eater, a non-eater, or on the path to becoming food free (most people just don't realize this as the awakening process is slow), but obviously there is a shortage of entertaining excursions for vegans to partake in this town or this group wouldn't exist. There are many options for vegetarians all day every day. To me I think of a vegetarian as just someone who has started to develop animal compassion but hasn't seen it all the way through to how the dairy industry contributes to the veal industry and the daily torture of animals or how horrific is the life of the egg laying chicken. No biggy. You're on the path and that's all good. Raw vegan is a step towards SELF compassion when you truly desire healing and achieve the understanding that your body can become an immortal vessel if you treat it correctly and eventually you realize there are even further levels of raw that mean coming off of denser foods that keep you from fully realizing the ultimate potential of living without food.
For me personally, I'm down to mostly fruits and juice...very little preparation. Pick up a fruit and eat it. Dinner's ready when you are. As for juicing, my four year old can operate the juicer...a little more work to clean but a lot less than scrubbing nasty dishes. As for restaurants and meeting up, that's a good thing for vegans and vegetarians alike and those kind of events are planned on here as well. As for me, even if there was something in a restaurant I would consider eating, it probably wouldn't be organic, and then there's all that cross contamination from the meats in the naw, I'd rather be a hermit and live healthy, but I do like to socialize, that's why I plan events that are considerate to everyone and will involve what I like to eat as well, thusly, the upcoming juice party book exchange.
The people who tend to show up to events are lovely, compassionate, sincere, enlightened people looking for some company, more than just to feed a certain type of food addiction...but food is a great way to have a reason to socialize. I imagine our beautiful future of total Earth compassion as beings of light in touch with all that is and looking back at this time in history in the same way that we look back at the holocaust...with total disbelief that a culture ever existed that slaughtered, tortured and maimed animals for the sake of their tastebuds, which they eventually realized was nothing more than an addiction on par with heroin. Now who wants to juice it up with this crazy lady? See you Wednesday~

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