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From: user 2.
Sent on: Thursday, May 6, 2010 3:40 PM
I would absolutely love to come to this meeting, but I have already committed to plans that I just cannot break. Will any one voice record this program for me? I would be willing to pay a fee...I, personally can't make it.
Thank you,
Megan Sherwood

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Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 6:46 PM

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If your love is a lust..

Question ��� I am a strong man, But I cannot find a woman who truely loves me. What is missing in me? I have come here to find a soulmate. Can you help me?

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9:15 AM

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: A meditative remedy to heal your relationships

You are a couple or a single looking for a relationship, this workshop will introduce you to the tools that will help you grow & deepen your relationship not only with your partner but with everyone including your children, co-workers, boss, clients.
Singles will find deep insights to what to look for when it come to find true love in life.
Come prepared for lots of fun & activities. Couples!! Bring your partner along with you. You will love it.
The workshop will start at 9.15 AM sharp to go until 12:30 PM.
FAQs at the workshop:
- I admire someone, want to be with him/her, but afraid that he/she would refuse me. 
- I feel like a loser when it comes to find true love. 
- It seems my partner is cheating or ignoring me. 
- I am heart broken & torn apart. 
- I am happy in my relationships. What's there for me in this workshop?
Workshops at Zorba Studio are very unique, full of fun & meditative. All the members who have tried, rated it high 5 out of 5. Give it a try, You will like it.
Wear easy and relaxed clothes, don���t take heavy breakfast before you come.
For newcomers the first workshop is always FREE.
For everyone else the price is 'Income Based' (to make the Osho meditations open to as many people as possible) so you decide what to pay based on what you can afford:

  • High/Medium Income $20 (Drop in price) 
  • Low Income $10 
  • Students/Unemployed $5 
  • Couples $30 (Drop in price) 
  • Pre-Register for 4 classes (to be completed in 60 days) & get 25% discount.
More information on Osho meditations:
Zorba Studio 
3207 SKYLANE DR STE 102 
Carrollton, TX 75006

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In February, bliss poured down, Osho consciousness absorbed into us. Who missed it, they missed to witness the density & intensity of another dimension of life, which is beautiful & joyful. Here we have another opportunity to go into the same realms and dance into high crescendos of energy, meditation, celebration and love. No language or words can describe the experience, but your own availability & presence can feel it.

We received several beautiful impressions from friends who joined last time. Here I mention a few:


The Very best Valentine.(By Sally Henderson, Ma Prem Geet). 
Read her heartfelt expression of the meditation camp.
"... Swami Anand Arun arrived at Zorba Studio as the most blessed Valentine ever.  He delivered an awe-inspiring 3-day meditation retreat with boundless joy for sharing the love and compassion of uniquely individual Spiritual Master Osho."
Prateeksha"Being in my 27th year with Osho, I am in deep gratitude for the experience of the purest medium for Osho that I have been blessed, through Swami Arun. Swami Antar Rakesh just go about Osho with complete dedication that results in an Osho center that is pure Osho and feels like Pune to me. Osho quit giving the energy Darshans in Pune before I was initiated and I experienced my first Osho energy Darshan Saturday night. I never felt Osho any stronger. Swami Arun comes to Zorba Studios in June and I only live an hour away!" - Ma Govind Prateeksha
��� It was all there; Love, Joy, Fun, Friends, Laughter and to top it off we got to play in the snow! ��� - Douglas Grummons
Swami Arun is an early and beloved disciple of Osho. He has been conducting Osho Meditation Camps for 35 years. In 1990 he founded Osho Tapoban, a large flourishing Osho Commune in Nepal. For more info. visit

In 1986, Osho appointed Swami Arun Director of Meditation and Spiritual Growth of the Rajneesh Mystery School. Swami Arun now travels to America, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine and India, leading meditation camps. In these meditation camps he has initiated more than 65,000 sannyasins from 30 different countries. Swami Arun travels the world, sharing the bliss of meditation and the blessings of Osho.
During the retreats, Swami Arun will teach several different Osho meditations: some are active, some passive & quiet. Each evening, there is dancing, celebration and sannyas initiation. You may attend the entire retreat or just part of it.
To experience a retreat with Swami Arun is a precious gift you give yourself. The deep values and benefits received will last all your life. Many people travel to Nepal and India for this kind of energy and transformation.
There will be an opportunity to take Sannyas for those who are interested.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful time together & invite you to come, join this caravan of meditation, love, laughter, and celebration!

Space is limited. When the retreat is full, names will be accepted for the waiting list.

Click here to see pictures of the last retreat with Swami Arun.

Click here to see the video.

Fri July 02: 02:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Half day) 
Sat July 03: 09:00 AM - 9:00 PM 
Sun July 04: 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Whole Retreat $200 
Half day $75 
One day $125 
Couples $300
*Meals Included. 
15% discount before May 31. 
20% discount for Members.


Zorba Studio 
3207 Skylane Dr #102, Carrollton
North Dallas, Texas 75006
email: [address removed]

Question ��� I am a strong man, But I cannot find a woman who truely loves me. What is missing in me? I have come here to find a soulmate. Can you help me?

Osho- Sudhiro, maybe��� but before I can help you to find a soulmate I will have to create a soul in you, which is far more difficult! You may be physically strong; that does not mean that you have a soul.
Soul is only a seed; you don���t have actual souls within you, just possibilities. And without a soul, people start searching for a soulmate! Only a SOUL can attract another soul. If you have a soul, then some soul is bound to be attracted towards you; you will find the soulmate.
But one never thinks that way. And the idea that you are a strong man may become an obstruction, because a strong man ordinarily is one who is more animalistic. That���s our idea of strength: a man who looks more like an animal. Whenever I see the pictures of Mr. Universe I am simply puzzled ��� I can���t see any beauty, they look utterly ugly; all muscles and nothing else! They look more like animals than men.
And this is not health either, because they all die early and they all die with dangerous diseases, for the simple reason that they force their bodies in a certain mold. They don���t love their bodies; their bodies are tense. By the time these Mr. Universes are forty they are on the verge of dying and they succumb to great illnesses, incurable, because they themselves have created those illnesses. They have been forcing their bodies, manipulating their bodies. They have succeeded, but at a great cost.
Strength, in the ordinary mind, means aggressiveness. And a woman needs a little more tenderness, not aggressiveness. And who knows, Sudhiro? You may just be carrying this idea that you are a strong man and you may not even be that. It may be just an ego idea, a fantasy.

Moe and Sophie had been married for twelve years. One night in bed Moe said, ���Lift up your nightgown.���
Sophie did not answer.
Moe tried once again. ���Hey, be a good girl. Lift up your nightgown.���
Sophie still did not reply.
Moe stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Sophie got up and locked it. For half an hour Moe walked the living room. Then he strode back to the bedroom, pushed on the door, and found it was locked.
���Open the door,��� he pleaded. ���I am sorry I got sore. Open the door!���
Sophie did not answer.
���If you don���t open the door I will break it down!���
���Look at my athlete!��� shouted Sophie. ���A nightgown he can���t lift up, but a door he will break down!���
So I don���t know how strong you are. Maybe you are able to break doors ��� that won���t help. You will have to learn the other art! And I don���t know, Sudhiro, how old you are ��� because you must have been searching long; otherwise you would not have reached here. And if you have been failing for your whole life you must have become crystallized into certain patterns. You may be aggressive, you may be a pretender, you may be less interested in love and more in conquering a woman.
There are many people who go on doing that: they go on counting how many women they have conquered. There are women also ��� now only in the West but soon they will be in the East too ��� who go on counting, as if love is a question of quantity!
A man was making love to a woman and he asked her, ���Am I the first man to make love to you?���
And a long silence followed. The man asked, ���Have you heard me or not?���
She said, ���I have heard, but I am counting.���

There are people who keep count: how many women they have conquered, how many men they have conquered. If you are interested in conquest you are not interested in love. And when slowly slowly, life starts slipping out of your hands, when death starts knocking on your doors, you become frightened. Suddenly you become alert that you have missed something beautiful.
Love is one of the greatest experiences in life ��� and many miss it. They may reproduce children, they may have married many times, but love is a totally different phenomenon. It needs a great sensitivity, it needs a soul. And when time passes and energies starts waning and death comes closer, you are in a panic. That���s exactly my feeling reading your question, Sudhiro ��� that you are in a panic.

Two little old ladies were chatting over the backyard fence. The first one boasted, ���I went out with old man Cain last night and I had to slap him twice.���
���To stop him?��� asked her friend.
���No,��� she giggled, ���to start him!���
But it is good that you have come here. If you cannot start, we can slap you! Something is always possible. One thing that you need is: rather than searching for a soulmate, become a soul, become more conscious. When love is unconscious it is only lust and nothing else ��� a beautiful name for an ugly thing. When love is conscious, only then it is love. But how many people are conscious? When love is meditative, only then it is love.
And a meditative love will attract a meditative love energy. You get only what you deserve, remember, neither less nor more. You always get exactly that which you deserve. Existence is very just and very fair. So if you are not getting a soulmate, it is not going to help to frantically search for one. Rather look in. You are missing something in you ��� you are missing love qualities. You are not tender, you are not sensitive, you are not conscious. And you don���t know how to give without asking anything in return. Your love is a demand, there is a condition to it. It is a kind of exploitation. You want to use the other���s body, and no woman is ever happy if she is used ��� she hates it.
Millions of women hate their husbands for the simple reason that they feel used, as if they are just machines for your sexual lust to be relieved so that you can have a good night���s sleep. No woman can ever respect you if she feels she is being used. Each being is an end unto himself. Never use a woman, never use a man, never use anybody. Nobody is a means for your purposes. Respect ��� love is a sharing, it is not using the other, it is not trying to snatch something from the other. On the contrary, it is giving wholeheartedly for no reason at all, just for the sheer joy of giving.
And then suddenly you will find one day you have found someone with whom your energies are in harmony, in accord. And it is a beautiful experience even to find a single person with whom you are in accord. And here you can find many persons with whom you are in accord.
You can���t imagine my ecstasy, because I am in accord with all of my sannyasins, in deep accord, a tremendous harmony. Then love reaches its highest peak. It is no more sexual, it is pure prayer. And when love is prayer, you have found the soulmate.
But if your love is lust you can���t find a soulmate, you can only find some woman���s body. And the body is not going to help fulfill your longing. You need attunement with the soul, with the inner being, with the interiority of the woman or of the man. At least with one person if it happens, great joy arises. And then when you know the art, it can happen with many more people. And that���s what friendship is.
My effort here is to create a commune where thousands of souls are in such deep friendship, in such love, as if they are all soulmates. We can release such great light into the world through that energy field! We can start such a revolution in the world, we can ignite such fire, that it will go on burning in the future, down the centuries, helping people to be transformed, to be reborn.
Source ��� Osho Book ���The Dhammapada, Vol 7���

Osho Video


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