How to Define Yourself As Muslim?

No easy answer to go by. Some scholars will point to the 5 Pillars but that's an over-simplification. The list below is by no means the "qualifications" needed but these are core concepts.

You may be surprised to find even though you have been a non-Muslim, you may fit into this definition.

Quran - belief in the Quran as being the final testament from God and a guidance for all mankind, preserved and unchangable

Messengers - belief that God sent messengers, angels and prophets from time to time with a message to mankind

Jannah - belief in judgement day, heaven and hell, righteousness and existance of good and evil

Allah - belief in one God, master of the universe with no partners or family, the most merciful being in the universe, the only one worthy of submission; cares for all creation; listens to every being

Cleanliness - physical and spiritual cleanliness, keeping away from things disapproved and enjoyment of things approved

Purification - belief in purification of the soul through prayer, fasting, hajj (pilgrimage), zakat (charity) and good deeds; purification of the body through wadu (washing)

Rahmah - belief in forgiveness, mercy, kindness, repentance; that evil can be replaced with goodness; that truth always wins; that any person's heart is capable of change

Ummah - belief in a united family of believers that associate rather than divide with each other

People of the Book - belief that Christians, Jews, Sabians & few others are religions whose original message is also from God

Justice - belief in honesty, fairness; avoiding excesses; doing the right thing; being reasonable

Learning - belief in gaining knowledge through discussion, dialog, experience and education

Peaceful Coexistance - belief in tolerance, respect, humility, peace for all of mankind, regardless of belief

Sins - belief that you are born sinless but weak; will be tempted by evil unless you make an effort to follow the right path

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