Sarge - Military dog left behind!

From: Andrea B.
Sent on: Friday, March 1, 2013 10:17 PM
Military dogs left behind - needs home!
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    This proud and majestic dog is Sarge. Sarge is a Border Collie/Lab mix who was a unit mascot that unfortunately had to be left behind. When Sarge's unit was redeploying back home, they were informed on the ADAP at KCIA by the ADAP Commander that a dog would not be allowed on the airplane. Sadly, they had no choice but to comply with the orders and directives of the Commander, and were forced to turn him over to another unit at Camp Arifjan, who promised to bring him home. When that unit redeployed back home, the same thing happened at the ADAP as before. They had no way to take him home, and no choice but to leave him behind in Kuwait. He was taken to a military friendly facility that was going to attempt to help him get back home, but time after time, permission for Sarge to come back to the US was denied by the ADAP Commanders. Now, this gentle giant has been sitting in Kuwait for close to 3 1/2 years waiting to come home to the US where he belongs, and we need to help get him back.
    I met Sarge last week when he was brought to my attention, and his story told to me while I was in Kuwait on a mission. I was asked if I had any creative ways to get him back home to the US where he belongs, and I said I would find a way to get him home, one way or another. Sarge is a big goof. He has a LOT of strength and energy, mainly due to not being walked and not being able to play nearly as much as he needs or wants to. When I first walked him, he was so eager to go and play that he broke the snap on the leash as he pulled so hard. He is a VERY smart and inquisitive boy, and once he gets out and stretches his legs, he calms down and just wants to play. We gave him a bath, and I took the photos you see here. He was not a fan of the water at first, since it was very cold, but settled in and realized that a bath was not a bad thing. Then he gave kisses to all, and was wagging his tail. He seems to know some basic commands, but needs a little assistance since he has not had a structured environment in some time.
    Sarge needs a home where he can run, play, and be very active. He is a dog who loves to please, and who enjoys exploring. He gets along just fine with other dogs, but was iffy around cats. There were several on the site footprint where we were, and his behavior was questionable towards them. I did not see aggression towards them, but I did not give him a chance to get close enough to see if any was there or not. He was very curious and wanted to make a beeline towards their location. He will need to get some remedial obedience training, but that is simple. He is about 70lbs, and is a solid boy. If you would like to help Sarge, please let us know. I am planning on having him in the US by the end of March, and would love to find him a home with a member of the unit that he served with.........

Andrea Barlow

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