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From: Elaine K.
Sent on: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 3:06 AM
For 234 years Americans have been celebrating our country���s freedom from tyranny and bondage.
Yet millions of us are still not free!
We are enslaved to debt. Held in bondage by our finances!

In 2005 for the first time since the Great Depression the US experienced a negative savings state.

US Consumer Debt currently exceeds the US National Debt by $3,230,000,000,000.

The average amount of credit card debt carried by consumers is $38,000.

In 1928, 98% of homes had no mortgage. In 1998, 98% of homes carried a mortgage. Today less than 5% of homes are owned free and clear. Instead we have a potpourri of ���

No money down, Interest only mortgages, Neg-am mortgages, Jumbo mortgages
New 40 year re-modifications with a ���low��� interest rate! Yeah! That���s great until you realize that it���s all front end loaded for 25+ years��� that the bulk of your payment is going to your lender each month and not to principal.

We���re low equity, no equity, upside down and backwards in our homes���So bad that in April 2008, 1 out of 519 homes went into foreclosure and still no end is in sight.

Most people refinance within 2 - 7 years often owing more afterwards despite a lower interest rate.

Is having a mortgage at 65, 75 or 85 years old really the ���good life���?

[When you got married did you say ���I do��� or ���I debt?��� More marriages end in divorce within the first three years directly over finances.

What about your children??? Can you guarantee them the education they deserve? Even more importantly���Have you considered the type of financial role model you are providing them?

Instead of a cap and gown at graduation from college and professional school, do you wish you���d been given a life jacket to stay afloat in the thousands of dollars of student loans you incurred payable over the next 20 years?

Is retirement is a real possibility or a far fetched notion? Have you calculated how long you have to keep working to recover all the money you lost in your 401K and other Wall Street financial instruments assuming there are no further losses? OR are you just going to downgrade your lifestyle?

Is paying nearly 36% (the national average) of your income solely to service interest on your debt worth it? What could you do with that money right now if you had it?

Consumer debt has been defined as the amounts of debt consumers are willing to accept to maintain their lifestyles.

SO��� If you knew that the proverbial Jones��� were in hock up to their eyeballs never to see the light of day from debt, would you try to keep up with them?

Do you really want to be paying for those goodies after they are in the recycling center or dump?

Debt is like a cancer slowly eating us alive.
A destroyer of everything good���
Our dreams, our relationships, our energy, our spirit, our well-being
Don���t you deserve better??? Aren���t you worth more?
Isn���t it time to recapture your dreams for you and your family?

Be debt free in 1/3 to �� the time
Simultaneously build your wealth
No refinancing or restructuring your loans.
Little to no change to your budget or lifestyle

Sound too good to be true? Well it���s not!
There is hope and a way!
It���s called United First Financial��
And the Money Merge Account�� program!

Visit http://www.u1stfinanc...
The best 10 minutes of time you���ll ever spend!

Join the Crusade
To get our country back on track financially one family at a time!

Elaine Kibler
The Debt Free Zealot

This message is being posted in accordance with rules allowing for one shameless promotional message following my attending the June Meet Up.

Wishing you a life of abundance and prosperity!
Elaine Kibler
The Debt Free Zealot 
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