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March 19, 2014

Have you had an Astral Projection/Out-of-Body experience before and if so at what age did this occur?

Learn't some basic Astral Projecting around 1990's (in my 30's). By around 1995 I had passed an important milestone; spirit guides were teaching me how to improve the techniques. Sharing what I was learning accelerated the process no end.

How many OOBEs have you had and what level of experience would you say you have?

Once you learn to notice that you are already in the Astral World it’s a true game changer. Normally our consciousness is focused at such a low level that all you initially perceive is darkness. But if you breathe properly and allow your physical form to energise, then up you go and it’s much easier to see. In practice I simply “park” my physical from and notice the Astral World that’s already there. Within reason this has resulted in considerable access. As to what level of expertise you would consider this ? It is important to remember that I have been taught by some very advanced beings. Similarly I have been given access to worlds where the inhabitants would see my ability as relatively primitive compared to them. They regard this as straightforward practical science, and in practice when you apply a proper understanding to the whole subject it is. I have been trained, and now I help the guides train other people to enjoy access to the Astral World with relative ease.

Have you had any fearful OOBE or similar experiences and if so how might we help to allay that for you?

In my early days some lower spirit forms had fun giving me a few scares. But they were really only playing with me. In hindsight, I do consider it necessary to have such experiences as part of a comprehensive training programme.

Common elements of an OOBE can include various perceptions or sensations e.g. feelings of: buzzing vibrations, tingling, flying or floating, hypnogogic images, strange sounds or sensing presence of other beings. Please share some of your experiences?

To begin with I got knocked about by the strange sensations beginners get at a low level. For example, what felt like being corkscrewed into the ground was very strange when it first started occurring. This was due to a poor integration with the higher energy vortices which power the human form. But that was back in the 1990’s and a typical beginners mistake.

How do you feel you could benifet, learn or contribute from being a member of this group and do you have any other questions?

For me, teaching people Astral Projection is effectively attending expert tutorials given by higher beings. They direct me to help other, in the process of which I visit new places and learn amazing stuff. In addition, training people is great fun because we experience places together and compare notes during our visits. Most people are surprised how easy all gets once some fundamental beginners errors are dealt with. This is a subject that can really only be taught by higher beings who can see the Astral World properly. I am just a channel who helps their work.


Background in Structural Engineering and Construction. Since around 1990's began practicing Astral Projection. Now teach this to people using a practical approach.


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