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The Atlanta Atheists Meetup Group Message Board › Conservative Atheists?

Conservative Atheists?

Judith M.
Fayetteville, GA
Post #: 21
Beverly, while I am sympathetic with your view that too many males are testosterone poisoned, my daughters and I have been fortunate to marry sensitive, caring, nonviolent men. When my husband and I got married, we thought maybe we were one of the very few couples who related to each other as equals, but we have learned there are many such couples. There are some lovely, gentle men out there who would like to share life with a gentle but strong woman.
As far as violence in the world, I fear it is those testosterone driven men who seek power by whatever means necessary and at whatever cost. Unfortunately this behavior has become mythologized in most religious institutions, endorsing the patriarchy with all its violent dominance as the normative sociatal structure. Perhaps we need more strong women and gentle men to teach that mutual human respect is the way to make a better world. One of my "what ifs" is what would have happened if we had sent teachers and healthcare providers to hostile countries rather than soldiers. Yes, some would have been killed but would not the total killing and maiming on both sides have been less?
Roswell, GA
Post #: 111
Thank you for a rational defense of something approaching 50% of the population, Judith. My wife, daughters and granddaughters will appreciate it!
A former member
Post #: 27
Sounds like someone is experiencing misandry.....

Re. Ok today not tomorrow....
Not having a firearm would not prevent me from grabbing a butcher knife, baseball bat, fallen tree limb.... You cannot protect against crazy.

Roswell, GA
Post #: 112
And what would you prefer, Allen? To be attacked by a knife, baseball bat or a semi-automatic weapon? The latter would give me no chance before the police arrive. I reckon I might be able to use my wits against you armed with the former. It is interesting that during the last great US massacre (one of so many unfortunately) the pro-firearm media seized upon the fact that there was an attack at roughly the same time in China by a lunatic with a knife....they omitted to compare the impact in terms of human misery. Please ask the parents of the children that died in the US incident whether they would have preferred some of the children to have been hit with a 'fallen tree limb' or all of them to have died. Your response is no longer rational, Allen. Yes wecan protect ourselves against massacres perpetrated by the crazy......unless the crazy have firearms and law enforcement is reduced to carrying pea shooters, of course. And please do not ignore the other points I made!
A former member
Post #: 16
We physicians hate firearms, though I own dozens locked in a safe. Statistically a firearm is going to be used against a domestic partner or children rather than any home invaders by a huge margins. It is the number one cause of successful suicide. When I am on call at the ER, I would say 98% of my firearm victims are accidental or perpetuated by someone in the household, not from a robber or stranger. I believe switzerland has a gun culture that is good to follow if we continue our second amendment rights. Japan does nicely without any guns. No tyranny of the government there. For gun control to work here, it has to be nationwide, not state to state.
Bev S.
user 39027062
Marietta, GA
Post #: 13
Not a "man-hater"...just a male behaviour hater. The problem in the male psyche is that they look at everyone as the enemy. Such violence - "Am I gonna hit someone over the head with a baseball bat or stab them with a knife." The way that modern society is structured in it's attempts to civilize and tame the savage beast in men will not work unless tempered by and with the feminine element. And since the male element has dominated civilization and not included in its decisions the feminine mind/instinct, but made her submissive and indoctrinated to think of herself, her work, her opinions and behaviours as "lesser", society remains confused, badly organized and hostile. For centuries men have been imagining themselves chosen by God to tell the rest of humanity what to do, and the results have been disastrous. Women were taught from infancy to worship a male God and that had a peculiar effect on their psyche, because once accustomed to envisioning the characteristics of men in God, they would be more inclinded to see the characteristics of God in men and then adoringly esteem the male and view themselves as sinful, lesser creatures needing constant monitoring by the more godlike sex. But men cannot attain a fully mature responsible morality - a benevolent sensitivity to human need - unless they can make contact with the feminine qualities within themselves and practice, value, and esteem them in their nature.
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 7
Not a "man-hater"...just a male behaviour hater. The problem in the male psyche is that they look at everyone as the enemy. Such violence - "Am I gonna hit someone over the head with a baseball bat or stab them with a knife."

Wow, Beverly, you sure you aren't a male hater? lol Have you seen the toy store's boy and girl sections? It is programmed in from an early age but that doesn't mean boys or girls really prefer those kind of toys. Girls can be just as sweet or just as aggressive and treacherous as boys, remember high school? ;)

"The idea that our brains are controlled by our gender is outdated and wrong, according to Professor Gina Rippon. And she has even accused researchers of producing findings that can be used to support the old prejudice that women are not men’s intellectual equals.
‘There is increasing concern within the neuroscience community about the misinterpretation and abuse of our findings on the links between brain structure and behaviour,’ she said.
‘This “neurohype” is designed to support stereotypes and to suggest that there is a major biological and structural difference in the brains of men and women that explains their social roles and status.
Read more: http://www.dailymail....­
A former member
Post #: 30
Danny, was not talking about being hit by a falling tree limb, was talking about someone picking one up and beating someone with it. And, I do not think I would survive a knife, gun or baseball bat if all I had were my wits and no warning.

All I am saying is banning the sale of new assault weapons in and of itself is insufficient. Would not have stopped any of the killings since weapons were not legally aquired and even if a ban on new sales had gone into effect a month before, those guns would have been there.

I think we need training requirements, background checks even for private sales and checks should include any history of mental illness. Doctors need to do a better job of reporting mentally unstable individuals. Parents need to do a better job and not raise killers. We should do a better job of preventing violent crime in general, not focus on banning the sale of something responsible for 600 or fewer deaths a year. We can do better.

Your saying ask the patents was not rational. Try asking the parents of kids killed with knives, is their grief any less? What about kids killed by drunk drivers? Plenty of sadness to go around, so why the limited focus?
A former member
Post #: 31
FYI, the views expressed here may or may not be my own. I love a good discussion and sometimes pick a side just to try it on..
Bev S.
user 39027062
Marietta, GA
Post #: 14
By no means do I not hold women accountable for the continuance of supporting men's violence on humankind and the earth. And nope...not a man hater. Just a male behaviour hater (aggression, destruction, who wants to die 'tude).

I can pull as many "studies" to support whatever I would want to state, but through my own observation, experience, historical record, studies still support that males are more aggressive than females. My friend - who works in the penitentiary system - has well noted this in his experience in both male and female confinements. He has said that there is something definitely in the male hormonal influenced psyche that is much more violent. What a great study - putting men together without the influence of female and see what happens...and then put the female together without the influence of male and see what happens. As my friend stated - the females cooperate much more and rarely fight. He prefered working in the female setting where there was a sense of calm & cooperation than in the male prison.

Here was an interesting article that spoke about males in modern times in contrast to our small tribe hunter gatherer days and how the male most likely was cooperative for the sake of the survival of the tribe. And of course, they didn't have the indoctrination that the female was "lesser" as has been promoted since around the time of the beginning of Christianity. http://www.psychology...­

I once read what I considered a good commentary which I looked up again...(kinda harsh - but it does pick apart the realty of things)

Basically, I'm saying that with the technology and weapons made available to males today - be it automatic firearms to nuclear weapons - MEN must be attentive to tempering their aggressive responses and WOMEN must know when to say NO to their ongoing foolishness in these matters...or else we're all screwed.
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