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Atlanta Business Connection Message Board Archived Discussion › Biden, Not Obama, Is The Right Man For The Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden, Not Obama, Is The Right Man For The Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierre D.
user 4852863
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 30
I read an opinion poll the other day that stated that Barack Obama had moved 6 points ahead of John McCain. With less than a month before the November elections such a move was seen as very positive to the Obama camp. And then I watched the VP debate Thursday night. Joe Biden smiled most of the evening to keep from losing his temper, as he so often does. Sarah Palin used her cheerleader attitude and "soccer mom" face to keep the audience on her side. And for 90 minutes they spoke to the nation about how they would help their possible boss run this country.

Many of you will not like what I am about to say because it goes against the thoughts I "should have" as an African American. But as I continue to read his record, and the records of all 4 candidates, it is without a doubt to me that the wrong person is at the top of the ticket. Barack Obama is a good candidate. He has come out of nowhere to lead his party into what could become a very historic night on Nov. 4th. He has run a smart campaign and if he steers clear of danger, he could very become the next president of the United States.

For the last couple of years, we have had a president who was supposed to "center our moral compass" according to some newspapers. After 8 years of Bill Clinton, some in this country felt we had gone in the wrong direction and we needed someone in the White House who would clean up Washington and also restore morality into the presidency. As we know, the results of Bush Administration have been a disaster. Talking about his failures in office would take more time than I can spare right now. But the problems of this country are well known and the time to fix them is NOW. We are in a state of emergency and it is absolutely necessary to put the right person in office to do so.

In listening to Obama, I am reminded of a phrase that my mother used to use many times in describing a handyman who lived on our block. "Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Nothing". He and John McCain have bashed each other about their alliance's to George Bush, who's at fault for the current credit crisis, who is a true "Washington Insider", and a host of other arcane statements. The fact that each is a sitting US Senator, and have been since the housing bubble started, makes the statements from both men ridiculous. But as I have read the histories and voting records of each of the 4 candidates, I am struck by the fact that it is Joe Biden that offers the only real solutions to getting this country out of the mess it is in.

Biden is Irish. As African American's support Obama, I am left wondering if the support is because he is the best candidate or because he is black. Rarely are we given a good candidate to choose from in ANY election. We get the same "run of the mill" candidates on a regular basis and they deliver nothing to their constituents. But this is not a regular election. This is an election where we as a country MUST get it right. Our country, as great as it is, has fallen behind some of the very countries we have helped to prop up over the years. We are in the midst of a recession that could very well become worse, our foreign policy is in shambles and due to neglect, our domestic policy is nonexistent. In times like this, do you want someone who MAY be strong or someone who IS strong? While Obama may be a nice guy, nice doesn't feed the bulldog. The strength and dominance of this country must be restored. Unpopular decisions and pain must be endured by all of us to get things back to where they need to be. Do I want someone who will say or do anything for a vote or someone who smacks me on the hand for my own good? We finally have a black candidate for president and all blacks should support him is the rhetoric we get. But has Obama already taken African American support, and the black vote, for granted? The democrats have done it for years and we as a people have allowed it. But can we now?

As we wind down to Nov 4th, I am left to ponder have we gotten it right. Have we put candidates on the ticket that truly have the country's best interest at heart. We know that 4 more years of Republican rule, no matter how folksy Sarin Palin may be, is just not acceptable. So in order to get the right candidate in the mix I have to vote for the wrong one. I hope that the Democrats win the White House in 30 days. It is the only way to get the true leader needed in office.
A former member
Post #: 3
It's funny you should mention this. Just the other day, a friend said his order for presidential choice would be: Biden, Obama, then McCain.
A former member
Post #: 42
I disagree. My theory is that there will be a noticeable difference between Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and President Barack Obama. The presidential nominee has to play a different kind of game than the vp nominee, because of his race.

Step into the shoes of Senator Obama's PR Team for a minute. These guys are geniuses and they know that if Obama goes after the 72-year old white republican nominee full Bidenstyle, he will come off as the angry black man. So, like Will Smith, he has to be the grateful negro. So, yes, you are going to hear a baker's dozen of Senator-McCain-is-rights and Senator-McCain-and-I-agrees and what have you, during debates and television appearances.

As for Senator Biden, even though he was given some leeway to go after Governor Milf, I mean Sarah Palin, he had to hold back a little because of her gender. The 2008 Nomination is a different kind of animal.

Also, if I was part of the PR Team, I would want the VP nominee to be more aggressive, to battle rumors that the Presidential nominee is unexperienced and not as strong as a Hanoi ex POW camp veteran. Biden's aggressiveness also attempts to erase away stereo-types that the Democratic party is weak and submissive to interest groups.
A former member
Post #: 2
Millions of people voted for Obama over Biden and Clinton. If Biden was all that for the top position, how come he did not make the primary? How come you did not send this email during the primary. That would have been more effective. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish be sending this email way after the primaries.

The American people believe in Obama. You are striking me as one of those blacks who just cannot deal with another brother getting so successful because you are used to being number 2 or number last. Look at yourself in the mirror and challenge yourself to go beyond that.

All I can say is - its too late now deal with it.
God has raised this very great brother for a time like this.

Obama 09 Yeyi!!!
A former member
Post #: 5
Wow Sistah! Pump your brakes a few times. The brother didn't say anything negative about Obama. He was not being devisive, he simply stated after careful consideration he feels Biden would have been a better choice. I for one am not that concerned with past records. I'm shallow, my one and two reasons for voting for Obama are
1. he's black
2. his name makes it easier for my childrens names to be acceptible in mainstream.
I read all these post but try and not respond because someone always has to insult a differing opinion. We have to move beyond that! Sistah your response was intelligent minus the insults. Dear Sistah let us judge you by your debate not your insults.

Everyone Have a great day.
Pierre D.
user 4852863
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 31
I respect the right of anyone to disagree with what I write. It makes for healthy discussions. But the response from Heart 4 kids was ignorant and ridiculous. First and foremost, I have owned my own investment firm for 18 years. I had the guts long ago to try and create my own success on my own terms. I never wanted to be as you put it a "NUMBER 2 or NUMBER LAST". In addition, if you don't know me how can you judge me? How can you know what type of black I am just from reading this post? Should I assume that every young, black male I see on the street with braided hair is a thug? Should I believe that every black person is on welfare and food stamps? How ignorant of you to assume that the reason for the post was to show that, like most crabs, I want to pull someone down so I can lift myself up.

Barack Obama is not going to be elected because people love him. It has nothing to do with people believing in HIM. His entire campaign is the same one run by Bill Clinton in 1992, and he only got 43% of the vote in a 3 person vote. The message was all about CHANGE. The reason Obama is winning is because he ISN'T republican. The american public is so disgusted by the republican party that they will vote for Obama and the democrats. He's the other guy. However, while George Bush has an approval rating of 30%, the current congress is even worse at 25%, so the level of distrust and disgust goes to 2/3rd's of the government. When I hire someone to work at my firm I hire the best candidates I can. Male or female, black or white. I am hiring the new guy to do what the old one didn't do.

Using your argument, we should just support Obama because he's black. If you want to do that it is your right. But using that philosophy means we could just as easily have voted for Flavor-Flav or Tyra Banks. They are black too. I am wondering when we as black people will recognize we don't always have to agree. Stupidly, we are led to believe that blacks who disagree with the majority are "sellouts" and "fakes". The fact that someone has an opinion that's different is not allowed. How ridiculous. The purpose of a brain is to use it. Thinking is allowed. I know black folks get angry with anyone who is for Biden, Palin or McCain, but those same blacks can help all of us in so many ways. You are trying to help children with AIDS and that is to be commended, but you need money to do it. And the people you disagree with are the very people who could help with your project. So before you attempt to define me make sure you know who I am and what I'm all about.
A former member
Post #: 6
Pierre! Now I have to respond to you? Brother I know we are not perfect, but the character you have displayed on these message boards has been far superior than giving this escalated response. Remember the goal, it's about our people. I expect more from the Mr. Pierre Dealfordii that I have come to appreciate. I know I am not as vocal as I should be on the boards, I will do better. I have come to look forward to your post and will still look forward to them. I just had to respond! Hopefully you will read my words and accept them in the light in which I meant them and not take them as an attack.

Once Again Everyone Have A Great Weekend!
A former member
Post #: 7
p.s. I responded publicly to you Pierre because I felt it only right since I responded to the sister publicly. I meant no insult to either one of you.
Pierre D.
user 4852863
Los Angeles, CA
Post #: 32
Ronald, thank you for reading my posts and I also thank you for bringing me back to focus on the big picture, helping as many black folks as I can in whatever ways that I can.
A former member
Post #: 10
First, as black Americans we have to stop assuming that when someone says something negative about someone else (or ourselves) that they are “hatin” or “jealous”. Consider what they are saying and that they might have a valid point. Far too often we, as a society, look at negative comments and don’t want to take them to heart and deal with what might be a legitimate comment so we take the easy way out and say others are jealous. It’s far better to make a valid point in favor of an opposing position.

On the topic of the conversation, one of the reasons that I like Obama is BECAUSE of his lack of experience. I grew up in the Philadelphia area around an oddly large number of politicians and aspiring politicians. I remember a time (and I’m not that old) when the people who ran for government positions were regular folks who worked a regular job (factory, union, bus drivers ect.) and were feed up with the way things were going and wanted to enact change.

These days many of the people in government are career politicians, although not all of them. The problem is, in my opinion, that these folks make a point of aligning themselves with the “right” people and positioning themselves in the “right” position to achieve their goal. Many of these folks are so focused on this goal they don’t know any “regular” people with “regular” situations and “regular” lives. They have tunnel vision and are completely out of touch with American and the Americans who live here.

As an example, look at Palin’s criticism about Obama’s relationship with Ayers. I personally don’t have a problem with it. I want my president to know people of ALL types, in ALL circumstances. I have friends with whom I don’t agree on some of their past and present actions, but I’m grown enough to make my own choices. I believe that Obama is as well. I think that he has enough experience to be able to take in to consideration all of Americans needs and not just the needs of the elite that McCain is used to associating with. The fact that they keep stressing Obamas middle name shows their ignorance for the fact that everyone in America is not named Bob, Joe or Fred.

I’m less concerned with my president’s ability to play the political game and more interested with his concern about Americans in general, all of us. With that said, out of the candidates that are available I prefer Obama, but I would have voted for Biden if he was the candidate as well. I like his positions and he is very in touch with regular folks
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